Monday 30 November 2015

Ayorma Hairfall Control Hair Oil Review


Today's post is the review of a nourishing blend of many oils into an aromatic composition from Ayorma.
Product Details:
Bring dry, dull and damaged hair back to life with this hair fall control oil that reduces hair fall and strengthens hair. this unique blend of oils also deeply moisturizes, detangles, softens and conditions to improve the overall texture of hair. Lemongrass oil prevents hair breakage & promotes hair growth. spanish rosemary oil increases blood circulation in the scalp and enhances root strength. Almond oil provides nourishment and shine.
Price: Rs 399. Can be bought here.
Qty: 100 ml

Sunflower oil, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Rosemary Oil, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E.
My take on the product:
The Ayorma Hairfall Control Hair Oil is a colorless oil that is bottled in a transparent cylindrical packaging. The color theme of the packaging is kept similar to their complete range of products. The bottle has golden flip open cap. The cap has good grip to keep the liquid safe inside. The bottle is packed in a cardboard box which details every information expected.

As I mentioned above, the oil is an aromatic composition of so many oils to lend their best result to our hair, it turns to be so luxuriously scented. My nose has now settled for such ayurvedic aromas, but may be strong for some. I massage my scalp with this oil twice a week and as always leave it overnight to get optimum benefit. The blend of oils not only nourishes my scalp, but shifts my mind to a relaxing mode due to its excellent formulation using spa oils that I can inhale while having it on my hair. 
The oil is basically prepared for hairfall control but brings in many other advantages. The dryness of hair is quite controlled with regular massage. The hair are left with so soft feel after headbath that you really feel like touching them and smile ;) It gives natural luster and bounce to my hair and detangling gets easy too. 

You may choose to apply it after washing your hair, but I prefer using it before headbath. After a month or so, you will notice less number of hair strands fallen on your floor as the hair are strengthened from the roots. I am quite happy with the improved texture and quality of my hair now & will continue using this ayurvedic oil to promote hair growth.

unique blend of nourishing oils.
gives natural shine and bounce to hair.
no use of preservatives.
leaves hair soft and less-tangled.
reduces hair fall.
easy to use packaging.

might be expensive for some, but it asks for this price due to excellent spa oils used.

**PR Sample


  1. I have deep faith in Aromatherapy. If this oil contain rosemary, lemon grass and jojoba it is a sure shot potion. Great review :)

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