Friday 15 May 2015

How My Airtel App Supports My Lifestyle

Bloggers are the busy bees and I am one of them too. The hustle bustle of my life needs a relief from maddening professional & personal assignments. I am tech-savvy so you cannot expect me to do everything manually, rather most of my interaction occurs online on varied gadgets. In the era of smart devices, the Mobile Apps are catching up with their multipurpose interfaces. I have downloaded many useful apps for making my life easy, and I am capitalizing on this new mobile technology in the best possible manner. Recently I downloaded the Airtel App on my smart phone to check whether it may connect me perfectly to the internet services that are more commonly accessed by me on my desktop or notebook computer... So here is what I found most impressive about Airtel App ...

I am a lazy bone who cannot handle clutter in my mind at all. The same goes with my gadgets too. When I want to work peacefully, I set my priorities for whatever I wish to do next. As I was exploring the Airtel App, the feature that caught my attention in first scroll itself was the "I Want To" feature. This feature is incorporated in the App to set up a list of frequently done tasks by the user and display it on the Home Screen itself as shortcut. The tasks may include everything possible you may think of , like getting the recharge done, view balance, record any programme etc... oh my god!! this is something I can clap for.

The next big thing on my mind was how to rely on this app as I am gonna use my bank account for various transactions for example while making bill payment etc. But Airtel App comes with
PCIDSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) certification that handles all major payments services with utmost safety and security :) Not only the interface has been kept simple and user friendly but it keeps the account details stored for faster check out and saves those precious few minutes.

And now comes the most interesting feature that everybody would have loved like I did. Airtel App rewards the subscribers with 'Airtel Surprises' coupons with every recharge that is done on the app. And the coupons involve the most popular brands like PVR Cinemas, CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC and many more. These coupons can be redeemed by the user while making payment for categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment. 

I know I am blessed with a companion that has the potential to reach through most devices supporting internet apps and its going to create a world of greater possibilities for every individual who values time and money.

STill wondering where to downoad the Airtel App from, here you go #MyAirtelApp


  1. Hey Shilpa, I had seen the ad on T.V about #AirtelApp but never checked it though. But after reading your review it definitely makes it easy to understand how it works. And it sounds excellent. Will upload it on my phone too. I definitely agree with you that apps have made our life simpler & very helpful.


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