Friday 22 May 2015

Click Your Pick - 'Color Blocks' Vs 'Prints'

The fashion world is one of the most dynamic & happening place. The must-have styles of yesterday vanish the very next day and yet another flattering trend is sought after every few days. But there is something that prevails its existence and makes its presence felt in fashion world forever. In today's fashion world, that signifies 'anything-goes-well' kinda attitude, still few universal styles keep trending with little or no change...

This season, I have gone all crazy for Color Blocks. The idea of creating sharp looks by wearing striking combinations without making them complicated gives me a feel of DIY ;) The outfit that exhibits a palette of two or more colors sports great effect when multiple solid colors are layered; else some excellently designed colorblocked masterpieces are readily available for your flawless look.

The solid colors locked harmoniously in an ensemble look equally chic for daytime and evening looks. In my outfit, I wanted to bring out the brightness of cobalt paired with a darker shade of red to make it look appropriate for not-so-cooler months. And this Wine Asymmetric Colour Block Top from Zovi did the trick.
For the male look as well, my man decided not to overdo the weird color combos and stayed loyal with some relaxed tones of mustard yellow and navy for that stand-out color mixes with perfectly fitted Mustard Seed Yellow Solid Henley T-shirt.
To play with colors in the right way, the only thing one needs to realize is to understand the tones properly and perk up the ensemble either with complementary / monochromatic / neutral or analogous colors quite wisely, so that it comes out as a pleasing arrangement of colors that engages the eyes and heart sensuously.

But regardless of whether these combinations fit into the technical specification of color harmony, Color Blocking will always reserve a special place in my wardrobe with endless possibilities... Bcz I enjoy having fun in experimenting to know what works best for me. :)

Then there are days when you wanna take your fashion sense to whole new level by gracing dream-like prints on everything from sweatshirts and dresses to shoes and everything else. Frankly speaking, most of the prints including inspirational images, funny fonts, nature-inspired scenes, animal or floral prints are so cheer-inducing that may de-stress a person effortlessly.

I am pleased to be in this lovely Blue On White Overflow Print Cotton Kurta that lets me have 'fun in the sun' with cool colors n prints.
The freshly coined prints are always welcome, but for me Paisley prints are enough of a statement. And when you team it up with contrasting trousers, it really does justice to your tasteful fashion sense. It's been a memorable experience for me when ever I spot n buy these artistically twisted teardrop prints outfits and let the pattern do the talking! Just see, how elegantly this Retro Paisley Print Sheer Top from Zovi collection is adding a charisma to my persona.
Hey, the prints are not exclusive rights for women ensemble... Even men can definitely rock this print outfit trend and make their look as versatile as women can. The men casual t-shirts and vests with quirky one-liners and graphic prints are making a place on the cover page of many fashion magazines and are actually all the rage these days. This No Rules Green Graphic T-shirt worn by my man is indeed an apt choice to add a refinement to casual look.
To sum up, I would say its the voice of your heart that influence your choices. So craft your own ensemble and carry it with a confident approach. No one in the world can write a rule-book for you. So just show everyone, how worthy are you to walk on this runway of fashion world!!

I would love to know what your heart yearns for - Color Blocks or Prints? Do share your views on how did you like the post :)


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