Monday 4 May 2015

Sand for Soapaholics Drunken Locks Shampoo Review


Today's review is again a natural product for hair care. It a liquid shampoo called Drunken Locks that comes from Sand for Soapaholics range that I introduced few days ago.

Product Claims:  Drunken Locks promises to give you a beauty buzz like never before! With the trifecta of hair as our star ingredient, the malt and yeast in our fresh brewed Beer will leave your hair silky, shiny and bouncy! To give you a thorough scrub Aloe Vera Gel is added which also acts with the Castor Oil to weigh down frizz and give your hair the shape and body it so deserves. To complete this shampoo, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is added to soothe your scalp and calm your mind.

Recommended for: All hair types. Perfect for when you want more volume!

Directions to use: Apply on wet hair, massage gently and rinse off.
Ingredients: Every 10gm contains Barley Seed Liq. (Hordeum vulgare) (39.10%), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (22.02%), Distilled Water (12.02%), Aloe vera Leaf Gel (8.93%), Oil blend of Coconut Endosperm (Cocos nucifera) & Castor Seed (Ricinus communis) (3.93%), Phenoxyethanol (0.89%), Ess.Oil blend of Tea Tree Leaf (Melaleuca leucadendron), Juniperberry Fruit (Juniperus communis) & Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) (0.44%), Colour (0.09%)

Price:Rs. 246 for 60 gm
Rs. 492 for 120 gm
Rs. 2050 for 500 gm

Availability: You can buy it here

Packaging: The shampoo came in a usual plastic bottle. The transparent bottle shows the content from outside. There is a screw cap on the bottle neck. I found the bottle little uncomfortable to use when trying to pour out the shampoo, because you tend to take out much more than required quantity. The packaging also gives no detail of the ingredients.Though I expect the full-sized packaging would be considering these issues.
My experience: 
The shampoo is in nice pinkish color with brown tint in it. The shampoo is not as thick as usual shampoos sold in the market. Its neither of very runny consistency, so I found it quite the proper liquidity to smear and rub on hair as well as scalp. I could actually relate the color and consistency of Drunken Locks to the freshly made Guava juice in a bottle ;)

The fragrance is absolutely uplifting. I liked how refreshing and herbal feel it gives as you smell it. The fragrance actually remains locked in your tresses even after hours of head bath and makes you feel good.
The shampoo produced no lather on my hair as I massaged it on my wet hair. In course of taking out the dirt, grime and oil from my hair, I ended up using almost one third quantity of the shampoo from the bottle. Sadly, it could not perform to my expectations in terms of cleaning the scalp and hair. The strands felt not completely cleansed. Though I believe the mildness of the shampoo due to the less usage of surfactant will be suitable to sensitive skinned people.

My family members also gave it a try to check if it suits the texture of their hair. I generated very mild lather on very-short hair of my son n hubby that works towards gentle cleansing of the hair.  
Overall, I am not very happy with the product on my hair, but can recommend for short hair. The shampoo has no harmful constituents that would cause itching or irritation of scalp. It is little ineffective to cleanse the hair, but doesn't strip hair of it's natural oils.

No chemicals
Not animal tested.
Suitable for all hair types.
Smells lovely.
Can be used on daily basis.
Causes no itching.

Very mild lather.
Quite expensive.
Need a lot of quantity for long hair.


  1. No chemicals and not animal testes ahhhhhh this words made my day really....iam fed up of many shampoos...need to check this out once...Thanks for such wonderful review Dear...

  2. One of the major quality of this shampoo is not contain harmful chemicals and not even tested on animals. Animal tested cosmetics never make u beautiful. No doubt in it the shampoo is expensive .

  3. A big "NO" for this product Drunken Locks Shampoo from Sand for Soapaholics To begin with the first pic of yours of this bottle only put me off. As the shampoo looked too liquidly & looked like dirty water to me. Though you have mentioned the consistency was O.K. But then the shampoo itself not working up to the mark is no good for me. Because I take a head bath only after oiling my hair & I don't think this will work at all on my oiled hair. Plus it is too expensive for that kind of quantity & that kind of job which a shampoo is suppose to do. So thanks a lot for sharing this review. Just when you think that the brand is super cool but not all the products if the brand.

  4. I will give it a try once & see how it is.

  5. Hi,
    I was very impressed with the conditioner review from the same brand but this shampoo disappointed me :(
    I hate shampoo that doesn't lather well, I won't have a satisfying hair wast if the shampoo doesn't produce rich lather and that too I have a long hair that is below my waist :O
    So this shampoo is a big NO to me!
    & it is expensive too :/ :/
    Anyways I still like it's name drunken locks sounds too good :)
    Thanks for the genuine reviews with clear pictures :)

  6. I loved the name "drunken locks"
    But Rs 2000+ is v.expensive !
    I thank you for the pic of your hair while shampooing - v. informative

  7. Thanks for such an honest review.

  8. Very honest review!!! is it have any benefit for hair fall?


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