Thursday 28 May 2015

Fuschia Rose Natural Handmade Soap Review

Natural handcrafted soap is a luxurious tool in keeping your skin healthy. With its creamy lather, wonderful fragrance, and now affordable prices, pampering yourself has never felt so good. Its popularity is growing rapidly as a chemical free alternative to conventional soaps.

And when you get to try a purely natural soap that is beautifully scented of crushed rose petals, you cannot miss to boast of awesomeness n luxury added to your bath n body care routine. I like sweet smelling products which give me feminine feel somehow. The rose fragrance is one of them which I find really lovable.  

When I noticed a Rose based Natural Handmade Soap in Fuschia's soap range, I could not resist giving it a try since it looked so glorious. This soap belongs to Designer Soap range of handmade soaps. And you may easily acknowledge why... Just look at the beautifully crafted Red Rose on the pearl white soap.

The soap comes neatly packed in a transparent film, unlike most of Fuschia soaps which have an outer covering of handmade sheet around the soaps and I like the idea of not covering this soap, coz this beauty deserved to be exposed ;)    
The description on the soap bar misses the ingredient list and shelf life which makes me feel low. Because every buyer doesn't access the online info on the site to know about the product details. So I wish the brand should make a point to provide key constituents on the soap bar specifications.

The soap bar gives you a high as you hold it in your hands. Its a softer textured soap than commercially available soaps. The captivating scent of fresh roses prompts you to take a deep breath as you sniff it. My li'l son felt so excited to bathe with this soap that he didn't bother about what time of the day is that ;)

I was curious to test whether this cute red rose will remain fixed within the soap bar after few usage and I am happy to share that after almost 2 weeks of daily usage, it has not even lost its shape :)

The soap produces enough lather and feels creamy soft on skin. I have used the soap on entire body other than face. It makes the skin feel squeaky clean and doesn't take away natural oils from skin. But for my dry skin, I always use a body lotion after the shower. I believe oily to normal skin people may skip moisturizing it.

The soap doesn't melt very quick, but I still take care of giving it a quick rinse and leave it to dry on the soap-dish to make it last longer.

I cannot comment on its effectiveness on common skin disorders as I have no such issues. But it gives a cool soothing feel to itching skin due to sweat etc.
Qty: 100 gms.
Price: 225/-

1. Made with natural ingredients, fragrance and Essential Aroma Oils.
2. Offers Healing & Curative Properties - common skin disorders like acne, eczema and psoriasis can be treated.
3. Contains Anti-Oxidants.
4. Based on Glycerin” that is a natural humectant / moisturizer.
5. Luxurious Look.
6. 100% Vegetarian (but not edible)
7. Doesn't melt excessively.
8. Causes no skin allergies.
9. Soothes the itching of skin.

1. Widely available online, but may not be seen at offline stores easily.
2. No ingredients mentioned on the packaging.

Fuschia Rose Natural Handmade Soap is a soap makes its presence felt in my washroom as the entire area remained fragrant all the time. The moment you step in, you are compelled to give it a look ;) It is wonderful bath luxury to try, specially in summers to enjoy a fresh start of the day :)

Hope you find the review helpful..Do let me know your views on the same...


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