Wednesday 20 May 2015

Ethicare Remedies Seren Extra Mild Shampoo Review

Summers are taking a toll on us and I have been working on my favourite personal care products since last many days i.e. hair care products. Because summers may cause havoc on your prized possession. So everybody needs great care of his/her hair to avoid damage.

Today I am reviewing Ethicare Remedies Seren Extra Mild Shampoo.
Product Claims:
Mild & gentle cleansing with additional conditioning & moisturizing.
Cleansing with nourishment & protection.
Gives luster to hair.
Increases manageability.
Compatible with all hair growth medicines.

Ingredients: Polycot-10, Blend of conditioners and moisturizers, UV filters.

Price: Rs. 126 for 100 ml.

Shelf Life: 36 months.

Seren shampoo comes in a black plastic tube that can be squeezed softly to ooze the shampoo out. I liked the idea of using the tube unlike most bottled shampoo packings. Infact, in the first look, my family members took it as a facewash ;) ;) The flip open cap shuts tightly. Infact, a new packaging of Seren shampoo is sealed on its cap with a plastic sheet and bears a monogram sticker of the brand as well.  

My take on the product:
The Seren shampoo is a milky white liquid shampoo. The shampoo is a bit thin in consistency as compared to many others that I have so far. But the texture is quite silky n smooth. I used this shampoo on non-oily hair during the first usage and it produced really enough creamy lather. The shampoo has capability to remove dirt n grime from the hair length n scalp properly. There is mild perfume added to the shampoo that one may not like instantly, but then it feels gentle to your nose. The fragrance doesn't last trapped in your hair for much longer and fades away very soon. Now it may or may not be a positive aspect for many of you. But its all right for me. 
I tested the shampoo of oily hair as well and it gave me no reasons to complaint. It works well on oily hair, just with little extra quantity that means you may repeat yet another application after rinsing once.

I apply Trichoz hair serum after every head bath for making detangling easier and giving a lusturous look to my lovely hair, which I followed after using Seren shampoo too.

Lastly, as the shampoo claims to have UV filters, I believe its working to provide my hair a protective shield from harmful sun rays.

Mild on hair.
Can be used for children.
Suitable to all hair type.
Gives through cleansing.
Pocket friendly price.
Doesn't sting to eyes.
Produces rich lather.
Enriched with UV filters

A little thinner consistency that runs out of the tube quickly into cap.

Overall, I liked Seren shampoo as it gives squeaky clean hair, adds bounce n volume to hair and doesn't add up to your existing hair issues. 


  1. I like the shampoo review Shilpa, every thing sounds good except the that it is too liquidly as it can be too messy which I am not very happy about. Not sure if I want to give it a try.

    1. Its not watery thin to create a mess..I found it really doing very well on my hair length and scalp. Its must try I believe.

    2. I'm using this shampoo. Its not liquid, its viscous in state. It actually add bounce and volume to hair. It was prescribed to me by doctor. to control hairfall and dandruff.

  2. Nice review again!!! But nothing abut hair fall, It could be a good shampoo for everyday use, but not for specific problem areas.

    1. I have no sever problem of hair fall. So no claims can be made about it.

  3. Good review
    But i am unable to decide between Fclin shampoo and Seren Shampoo
    Both are from same brand
    Could you tell me please which shampoo is better to reduce hairfall between Seren and Fclin??


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