Monday 11 May 2015

Good Parenting Tips

Yesterday we spent Mother's Day with loads of enthusiasm. While we talked about everything possible related to motherhood, I introspected what should we all as moms or as parents should do to raise happy kids. I am sharing few simple tips for being good parents for our lovely kids...

Spend Quality Time
Talk , read & play games with your child for a few hours everyday, however busy you may be. Give Proper Attention to him when its needed. Turn off the television or put the newspaper down when your child wants to speak to you. Avoid other activity when the child has something important to tell you.
 Build up a Healthy Relationship 
Let your child know and believe that you are interested and involved with him in whatever he does and that you are always there to help him/her. Don’t Tower over your Child. Get down to his level while speaking to him. Create a very loving atmosphere at home and let your child feel the warmth of the family.
Be Role Models

Do the right things. Behave just in the manner you want your child to behave. How can you expect politeness from your child if you are aggressive & speak rudely to him or anyone else in front of him?
Don’t Over-expect
Avoid Comparison with Siblings and Friends, because comparisons only induce a negative feeling and low self esteem in the child. All individuals are not the same. So don’t expect your child to score as much as his siblings or his friends. He may be better in other skills. 
Be Positive
When the child does not perform well, instead of saying “ you can never achieve”, say –”I’m sure you can do better next time.” Never Underestimate the capabilities of your child. The words like “You won’t understand”, “You are just a dumb” induce an inferiority complex in the child which can be a great hindrance in his growth and progress.
Avoid Hot and Cold Treatment 
Some times it is seen that parents react in a different manner at similar situations . Their reactions should be balanced.
Never Bribe or Blackmail 
Spend time with them to show that you care. Toys, gifts and chocolates can’t replace the precious moments that you can share with him.

The kids will love and respect the parents if we be lil careful of our behaviour too. Do give it a try..


  1. Wow Shilpa! Such a thoughtful review. I mean me being a parent as well as a Montessori teacher know everything you have mentioned above & try to follow all of them. But trust me in midst of the busy life schedule one tends to forget & at times do forget the do's & don't's on how to behave with children. And I accept that I forget too. But thanks a lot for reminding all that a parent should do & as a matter even what a teacher should follow with her students. It was kind of a reality check for me reading your review & I loved the feeling I got after reading it :)

    1. Thanks for making me feel special for finding the contest worth readable and useful :)

  2. I love this post. I have two cents to add here. If a child wants to convey something which bugs him/her, however 'cute' or 'funny' it feels, never laugh in their face but convey the feeling that it is being taken seriously and do deal with it seriously to alleviate the issue.. It does help in gaining their trust. Their problems might seem 'small' to us, but those are 'big' for them.
    Same goes to even teenagers or young adults. I am not a parent yet, but, experience and perhaps observation has taught me that. :)

    1. Absolutely right Nivedita.. Trust is something of great value in everyone life. and when its about kids, they need to have more of it.


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