Sunday 1 March 2015

Optimism Is Contagious Too

Today I got to learn about a new name in Real Estate industry called Housing whose #LookUp Mantra changed my perception about this boring business into a colorful, positive and hopeful one. Knowing more about how Housing is nurturing optimism through human emotions attached to their home-their shelter; I also felt motivated to share a story of positivity that I had left a long lasting impression on my mind...

I am a person who don't feel hesitant to accept my realistic situation in front of anyone. At times, I am prompted to complain of what I have got in life when something falls short of my expectations. But still I keep doing my fair share of 'good deeds' because I hear mom saying this with lot of conviction that "we should keep contributing in noble causes. Because this is how we create good fortune." 

I came to understand mom's words much later, when I met a cheerful lady Binni (name changed) few months ago at my work place in reference to an educational adventure event that our institution wanted to organize for students. Since I met Binni few times more before the event date also, I felt myself quite comfortable in her company discussing about the proposed event. I am still clueless what was attracting me towards her charismatic personality.  

On the day of the event, as me and my colleagues reached Shivalik Hills with our students to participate in the adventurous activities, we were greeted by Binni and her team not with bouquet of roses, but with heart warming smiles. The leading lady had made fantastic arrangement of an array of multi-sport activities and was herself engaged in perfect execution of most of them.

Frankly, I was enjoying and learning her methodology to keep even the most unruly children in utmost discipline in such a humble and polite way. The command of her soft yet gripping voice had the impact of the order of an chief commander on the children. I presumed her to belong from an Army background in the past from her body language, firm voice and professional mannerism. 

Watching and admiring her for next 3-4 hours on the event day were actually enough for me to fall in love with her. So when she took a break from her involvement with children and sat to have lunch with us, I could not resist myself appreciating her for her jovial personality and effective work planning, saying "I really appreciate how you manage to be so lively, peppy and contented all the time. I wish I could be as happy as you.."

I never expected that I had hurt her Achilles' heel. Her expressions liquified the very moment and she narrated her heart-breaking story to us...Binny had faced severe exploitation by her in-laws since early days of marriage and had been a victim of worst case of domestic violence by husband. Bearing the teachings of her parents in her heart to be loyal to husband till last breath, she tolerated all the injuries on her body as well as on her soul for many months without uttering a word from her mouth...  

Binny had not thought in her wildest imagination that her husband would ask her for compulsive sex determination test in the fourth month of her pregnancy and would throw her on the road mercilessly in such condition knowing that she is bearing a female child in her womb. She was left with no option, but to go to her brother's house who was the only caretaker in the town. Her brother & (bhabhi) were really supportive at the moment and consoled her to stay there till her issue is resolved.

The misery didn't end here, but actually got multiplied when she gave birth to a baby girl suffering from Thalassemia that caused the infant deadly blood disorder due to abnormal formation of haemoglobin..... As Binny finished her sentence, we realized there were tears uncontrollably rolling down everybody's cheeks including the lady herself. Her struggle was intensified when sister-in-law refused to allow her live at their place realizing that they need to invest big sum of money frequently for baby's expensive blood transfusion treatment.

Life had taught Binny to be emotionally strong and self-dependent after so many jolts, so she bid good bye to her caretaker and began with utilizing her own skills to earn her livelihood. She began with organizing a small scale summer camp in an educational institute and earned great appreciation for her work. The handful of money earned that day boosted up her confidence and fueled the spark of not giving up for any challenge. Life was not a cake-walk immediately, but gradually she managed to survive for her own self and for her daughter.

As she stopped talking, we needed not to console her; but to my sheer surprise it was Binny who wiped our tears off and stood up with a winning smile on her face.

Her legal dispute is still in the process in the court, but today Binny is a well-known name as one of the most successful and reputed Event-Managers of the town.

I am convinced that Binny's happiness and present fulfilling life is a result of not giving up and continuing to make causes for good fortune even at the crucial moment, because this is how we come back to the realm of Faith and Optimism :)
This story is exceptionally motivating to me and taught me to be optimistic, so deserves to be shared.
This post is written for Indiblogger's HappyHour campaign in association with Housing.


  1. That's true Shilpa.. even i have realized that the happiest smiles we see around have the most deepest sorrow hidden inside. Very nicely written :) Loved reading <3

    1. Absolutely true Divya. We tend to forget our sorrow when such examples are set to inspire us at every step of life. I have learnt to overcome my limitations and count my blessings from this lady :)
      It feels special to have you read my post and provide ur valuable inputs. Thanks a lot dear !!

  2. such a heart touching story, need to learn so much from such brave people. Very Nicely written.


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