Monday 30 March 2015

Spring/ Summer Look With Elite Sunglasses

Indian weather has distinct variation all through the year. As summer season is already here, that means it's time to start thinking about preparing ourselves for the longer days ahead. We feel compelled to change our entire wardrobe to match the season. Infact in many regions, people are flaunting their chic, stylish, summery light outfits for the season already. Wow, the world is all glam up. In all the maze that these changing fashion trends create, I never miss noticing one thing that’s how an elite pair of sunglasses makes a significant appeal at every nook and corner. Actually seeing someone walking with elegant sunnies always prove the point that no accessory other than appropriate sunglasses can decorate the divas and hunks present their best foot forward.
Today I present you with a comprehensive guide of this year's Spring/ Summer Eyewear Trend..

Colored Sunglasses:
When you go for catchy colors in outfits, there is no point forgetting the accessories match with them aptly. And this time, you may expect the green, yellow, orange, pink, blue and many other funky colors making their reflection on sunglasses. Oh my, my! any male or female look will be well complemented with the noteworthy combinations of such modish sunglasses with the garments they are worn with.
Colored Sunglasses 
Oversized Sunglasses:
A major turn-on these days are oversized sunglasses to accentuate your personality that give a perfect final touch to the rest of look and practically provide maximum coverage to the eyes as well as the areas around them for better eye protection. These are my personal favourites for a beautiful and quite noteworthy alternative to create classic impact on others.
Oversized Sunglasess
Retro Sunglasses:
An ideal pick for the young-at-heart people who’re always on the go is the absolutely glamorous, chic and oh-so-stylish retro eyewears. These designer shades are actually instrumental in bridging a generational gap where young and old alike can appreciate a decent pair of vintage/retro sunglasses. Going for experimental shapes other than traditional round frames is a spectacular change in sunglasses that I am loving these days ;)

Colorful Frames:
In this era of elite sunglasses, the classic black frames have been given fresh life with many tones of dark navy, crimson red, azure, light purple, pastel and pinkish hues that are just a flattering replacement to boring black frames. And if you dare to experiment with your appearance much, but still are looking for a acceptable change, there is nothing better than white-framed sunglasses for a luxurious feel :)
Extravagant Sunglasses:
If standing out in the crowd is your sole wish, then there are exceptionally trendy sunglasses with embellishments like colorful beads, stones, carving etc. which are your direct gateways to unique and modern looks for any season.

The list is endless, but a big thanks to the plethora of energizing styles, shapes,colors and detailing available in the creative adornments called "sunglasses" that have always integrated themselves in any era of 'perfect vision'. So don't wait any more and transform your persona with the right pair of elite sunglasses today itself coz it's time to kickoff summer with the hottest sunglasses.


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