Friday 6 March 2015

What Keeps My Baby Happy

Babies are those cute humans who need to be entertained in really stimulating (and at times, weird) ways to keep them truly happy. When it comes to the critical discussion on 'what makes my child happy', not every baby appreciates his/her involvement in same activities. 

But the one thing on which every mom/parent would agree that when a baby is playing happily is a sign that he had his stomach-full of baby food and is not uncomfortable in a heavily wet diaper. I actually don't feel alarmed when he eats less than other babies of his age, because I notice that he himself shows signs of requesting for food whenever he is feeling hungry. So I make a point not to pressurize him eating as per my wish. My baby enjoys being fed the salty food with a little variation after few days and creates no fuss even while tasting new ingredients in his food. But I love his expressions when he makes funny faces as he tastes the first spoonful of that newly experimented food ;)

My naughty baby feels so happy when he is given the things which is not usually allowed to play with. He wants me to make him sit on his padded bedding in a corner of the kitchen where I am cooking and enjoys giving everyone headache by banging on a plate with a spoon and experience different sounds. He feels himself no less than a maestro creating symphony of love ;) ha ha ha. At times, he is caught executing his most notorious planning into an action in absence of all of us in the room.

At the end of the day, when its time for papa to reach home. He wants to welcome papa at the door, so gives me every possible hint to open the door and take a mini tour of the outside the realm of his nursery to experience interesting colorful things and people around. There is a whole hearted contentment on my junior's innocent face when papa wears this lil boy craving for physical touch close to his heart in his baby carrier. Its a moment of sheer pride to find everyone so happy and blessed in each other's company.

One sure shot way to make my baby happy is to show him soap bubbles going up in the air in his dim lit room with colored lights. He grins baring his invisible teeth seeing the bubbles grow when the lights are reflected from different angles and I adore that toothless smile of my bundle of joy.. touch wood to his happiness!!

My baby loves to react and reciprocate on Imitation Sound Game with me, when I show him a plastic toy or soft toy and make funny faces with sound of different birds and animals. He is damn focused at that time and imitates me exactly. Not only happiness is our mantra this moment, but I feel great satisfaction introducing some educational values in him :)

Exhausted from whole day's fun activities, when me and my boy are feeling low in energy and need a sound sleep; the last thing to ensure my baby's happiness during his sleep is a clean nappy. Because I don't want to cause him & myself surprise night awakenings due to excess wetting of his nappy. It a blessing in disguise that Pampers Baby Dry Pants ensures overnight dryness for my baby on the inside layer by using Magic Gel technology to lock in the moisture for 12 hours and promises freedom from sleep disturbances always.
I am loving this sweet baby momma duo in Pampers Baby Dry Pants advert ...

This post is written for Indiblogger's Happy Hour campaign in association with Pampers.


  1. happy baby = happy mom

  2. He is so cute, God Bless him!!! and useful tips to keep baby entertained.


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