Sunday 8 March 2015

Navarasas Aromatherapy Body Oil Review


For last many days, I have been thinking of writing a review for Navarasas Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Blends. But got delayed for many reasons... So finally I started working on it.

Today's post is about the Navarasas Body Oil. This oil is infused with really incredible ingredients that make this oil a quick beauty remedy for many skin issues.
Key Ingredients : Rosehip Seed, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavender oil, Sweet Almond oil,Sandalwood and Rose Essential Oil.

Rosehip Seed is enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and helps in decreasing environmental damage and soothe the skin. Fractionated Coconut Oil comes with disinfecting effect for the skin. Sweet Almond oil softens the skins and has calming properties as well as suitable for sensitive skin. Lavender oil relaxes the tight and sore muscles.

My Experience:
The Navarasas Aromatherapy oil is basically used as a soothing bath essential oil. The oil is of dark mustard color in runny consistency like usual oils. The aromatic fragrance of this oil is strong enough but is really uplifting. The smell with its healing effects linger on for many hours and is an absolute dip into aromatherapy experience all the day long.

I applied this essential oil on damp skin after shower and massaged it gently over all parts of body. It absorbs quite easily and feels so light on skin. I experienced no sticky feeling after its application. Infact, you may choose to directly towel dry your skin if feel so. But I am comfortable rinsing the oils to avoid any stains on the towel or clothes.
Since most of us indulge in a hurried routine bath during weekdays, I used this oil as a relaxant on weekends by directly applying it on the skin as a massage oil and the skin felt simply rejuvenated, soft and hydrated to its deepest level. So the application methods might vary, but the results are magnificent in every way.

This oil is a wonderful replacement for a truly emollient, protective lotion that you are using since ages. Navarasas Aromatherapy Body Oil also does the trick to cure skin itching, dryness, restore elasticity and protects against sun and pollution. In short, this oil is a great product to have your hands on it when your skin needs is a quick glamorous glisten because the skin drinks up the oil sooo happily ;)


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