Tuesday 10 March 2015

Time To Move On

Although my family was not very well established in my childhood days, but my parents set aside a little money dedicated to financial offerings for the development of an elementary school in our town. They would put money in a saving account every month regardless of our tough circumstances. I usually wondered "why not spend this money for our own requirements??" but I never dared to question my elders. Over time, my parents managed to start a small venture with very few children enrolled in their two-room school set up in our ancestral house itself for their free basic education. 

As the school thrived, my parents constructed a separate small portion for school work. They proudly made this school the centre of educational activities in the vicinity. After nearly a decade, my father got a job transfer and was left with no choice to leave his dream project behind. The couple was actually devastated because their school had become a symbol of motivation and they were worried how people in the region would accept this fact...In addition, rebuilding a new school at an altogether unknown place would be expensive as well as would demand loads of time investment too. At this point of time, I as an almost non-existing member of the family was just a silent spectator calculating the fact in my mind "How would they possibly be recovering financially and mentally?"

Our family finally shifted to a geographically, socially and culturally different place, Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan. Though it was a painful period for my parents, but the hassles of shifting occupied their minds and ate up most of their time. Dad was mostly working till late hours to adjust and absorb the new system at the factory/plant. And mom was trying hard to get acquainted with neighbouring locality to smoothen the routine household.   

I recall the day when my family attended a motivational lecture by some guruji who had a come in our locality and we were invited to attend it for the so called darshan. Usually my family is not interested in paying any attention to these guru jis, but this person recited a passage urging people to make it their lifelong motto..I don't exactly remember his words, but the essence was something like that...

"Its really hard to leave your home, be it under a compulsive situation or due to a deliberate choice. But if you see the world as a whole and find the regional differences minimal, the nationalism would become as meaningless as it never existed. You will definitely have some apprehensions before making a move, but it will seem strong exhilarating when you are determined to #StartANewLife. It's common for everyone to feel emotional to leave the things we love, but with time, you will find that the cherished memories of your native place will become more generous to give you pleasure and not sadness."

My parents were emboldened to stand up and rebuild their prime love 'their school' in a better shape and status than before. They were courageous to smile at economic downturn and didn't cry even when they were piled up with some debts. Gradually, the new school became equally popular & also profitable. My parents were burning with undying spirits to develop a flourishing school bursting with laughing n growing children. 

Looking back, this experience enabled me to develop unshakable conviction in the fact that We have to move on to be better than we were yesterday because...
"Life does not get better by Chance, It gets better by Change"
I got my point proved and supported in this video by Housing.com that depicts the idea that progress is impossible without 'change', and those who want to see themselves growing have to change their mindset for a rewarding life :)  
I am happy that my parents took a bold step to write a new chapter of their progressive life...and I am proud to be a part of this journey of change to #StartANewLife :)


  1. wow!!! such an inspiration post, I am sure you must be proud of your parents for working towards such a noble cause.


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