Thursday 19 March 2015

Eeshha Herbal Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer Review

Those who have been reading the past reviews done by me on skin care products might be knowing that my dry skin is always thirsty for moisture. So I keep on switching to one or the other moisturizers seeking more hydrating power.

This time I got to try Eeshha Herbal Moisturizer for face as well as whole body enriched with Cocoa, Almond oil and Algae extract. 
Product Claims:
The moisturizer contains cocoa butter that works deep and prevents water loss and dehydration, provides flexibility to skin leaving it soft and even toned all the day long. Penetrates deep into the skin; makes it smooth supple by removing roughness. Mineral oil gives lubricant effect, glycerin prevents loss of water from skin preventing dryness; cocoa butter has property of emolliency and retains skin moisture.

The product comes in plastic squeeze bottle with flip-open cap. The hole pierced on the bottle top ejects enough moisturizer in gentle pressurizing. The cap is decently tight.
Price: Rs 135
Quantity: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 3 yrs from the date of Mfg.
Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Shea butter Blend, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter, Algae Extract, Isopropyl Myristate,Trehalose, Dimethicon.
Before I should start reviewing the moisturizer, let me tell you that tons of our favourite beauty products are loaded with algae (seaweed) extract and we rarely get to find its mention in ingredients list. Algae extract is said to bring potential benefits for our skin. It can help to restore the glow for a youthful skin by improving cellular energy and vitality. It re-activates the natural protective mechanism of skin to restore healthy function which we lose due to stress and other skin issues.
Directios for use:
Apply moisturizer after shower on body and face to enjoy super fast absorption for long lasting hydrating skin.

My take on the product:
The moisturizer is of moderately thick consistency that stays on your palm without running. Though the usage instructions read that it should be applied immediately after shower, I preferred to use it post-shower on my skin after towel drying it and didn't rinse it to enjoy more moisture. I swear that this light pink hued moisturizer actually is so easy to smear without any extra effort and penetrates into skin very easily and evenly. I quite liked the product because it is too light on skin and leaves no shine on skin. Though the moisturizer doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all, yet it gives the skin ample lubrication for a deeply hydrated feel. 

Moving to the hydrating power of Cocoa Face & Body moisturizer, the skin remains soft, supple and glowing for as long as 3-4 hrs. As the summer season progresses, I might have to re-apply it 2-3 times as per the demand of my skin, but the normal skinned beauties would find it enough after single application.

Lets not forget talking about its fragrance... The initial thoughts after reading the key ingredients that have gone into formulation of this moisturizer gave me an impression of chocolaty fragrance. But to my great surprise, the moisturizer doesn't smell like chocolate exactly, but a sweet and somewhat unusual fragrance lingers on body for quite a few hrs. 

Wonderful Ingredients.
Chemical free.
Smells great.
Deeply hydrates the skin.
Cost effective.
Decent packaging.
Smoothens the texture of skin.
Non Sticky.

Actually Nothing.

Final Word:
Eeshha Herbal Cocoa Face & Body Moisturizer is a wow product for Normal to Dry skin people and you need not to use different emollients for face and body.


  1. It has parabens - a big turn off for me

  2. I was expecting it to smell like cocoa. This last for around 5 - 6 hours on my skin.

  3. Greta review and seems a great product, being chemical free is a big plus for me.


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