Saturday 7 March 2015

How to Feel Worthy of A Relationship

In life, when we are thrown together with someone by the circumstances of our lives, it forms a 'Relationship'. Many a times, these relationships include not only the people for whom we have a particular attraction, love or liking; but also the people we generally dislike, avoid interacting, ignore meeting, or even hate to have them in life. Still there is a moral responsibility of behaving sensibly to maintain the relationships without grumbling.

If I talk about myself, I consider myself one of the richest person in the universe to have most caring people in my life. All my primary relationship (mainly family oriented) are so intensely knitted together that one cannot think of seeing a single yarn separately.

Sometimes, I meet people who feel themselves misfit for a relationship and are hurting n cursing themselves. This is how you may realize your importance in somebody's life...

* When people around you are not friendly, affable or decent to you; I advise you not to feel frustrated but think that there is always a room for improvement. Until you are on the verge of extreme tolerance, try to settle your anguish than to be lonely. Because isolation is a disease in itself.

* Remind yourself again and again "I deserve your respect, your friendship, your devotion and your commitment; because I am worth it." And then also feel exactly the same, because when you feed yourself with positive thoughts like these then only you can ensure self-acceptance.

*Dump the fear of rejection from your heart. You are not an article to be measured up to assess your value. Start believing that there is no suspicion about being recognized for your strengths.

I always convince myself that I am a person with some flaws that I need to work upon, but have lot many positive behavioural traits that make me feel beautiful and confident of remaining happy in privileged relationships like being a daughter, a wife, a mother,a sister, a teacher and ofcourse a loyal friend.

I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction that can make magical things happen to you that you never expected. Feel yourself worth of every beautiful experience in your relationships and your destiny might change for better :)


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