Saturday 14 March 2015

Coming Together For A New Beginning

“If you want to be happy, find a career doing what you love.” ...this line used to echo in my mind ever since I was quite young to think about working. I wanted to break out of my family's tradition of getting the daughters married after they complete their studies. I wanted not only to get educated, but also pursue a career I was wildly passionate about i.e. teaching. I had a gut feeling to choose teaching as my profession to unlock the door to success and fulfillment.

My daydreaming turned into action and I eventually got a full-time lecturership job right after completing my Masters degree. I considered myself luckiest amongst all the eligible candidates who had a powerful jack to secure that job position for them. But my stars and my academic credentials ensured that designation of great repute for me. :) I could visualize myself being an idealistic role model for the next-gen students since they would be able to relate to me more conveniently.

Few days at my workplace were genuinely welcoming, full of happiness and pleasure. I had humblest feelings of regard for my peers who were helping me in every possible manner to get familiar with the system. I trusted my good fortune and praised my colleagues too much for their moral support even at my home. Till the end of my first academic session, we all had built great rapport with each other and I was loving teaching and learning side by side. But this was the time, when I was shaken by the awestruck jolt to my faith. A colleague of mine who had developed insecurities due to my achievements and started feeling envious of my increased popularity, tried to spread irrational rumours about me and my work ethics. Though it wasn't unheard to me of someone who tries to steal credit of another person's efforts and defames anyone out of jealousy, but it was beyond my imagination that it could happen to me too. :( I would either continue working feeling miserable and hating my life or stayed at home giving one excuse or the other to stay away. 

When the sadness of my heart and negativity of my behaviour wasn't bearable, I burst into tears inconsolably at the dinner table that night. Mom wrapped me in her arms and took me to the terrace to have a word with me. We sat #together on a mat on the floor and she spoke her heart out in very simple words -- 
"Dear, this life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people as well. Even you and me are perfect at hardly anything. At times, we might also hurt someone just like everyone else. So firstly there is no point judging others on your terms. Over the years, what I've learnt is to accept others faults and choose to celebrate others' differences. This is the only key to create a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship. And when I say 'relationships', I don't only mean our family bonding, but it encompasses our co-workers and colleagues also. It is always in your best interest to work #together as a team. But if the circumstances don't allow you to do so; believe me that no one can ever steal the fruits of your labor by talking bad things behind your back. Just be certain that you will meet your own deeds in the future. So just try to cheer up and find your inner strength by not complicating things, because your negative attitude is stealing all the good things from your life." 

In this age after spending more than a decade in the same profession, I am actually wise enough to try searching for positive things about my co-workers and their behaviour. I don't feel discouraged by office-politics which practically exists at any workplace. But that memorable day when I spent few moments of getting #together for a upbeat conversation with mom have dictated me the real worth of being optimistic, motivated and passionate for relationships, specially when they don't come to please me as per my wish. Now life seems to #LookUp to a purpose at last and the world seems a place to live better :)
Co-incidentally, the conclusion of my story harmonizes with the vision of that aims at helping people concentrate on the most important aspect of their life i.e. company of loved ones :)

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  1. a well taught lesson from your mom, hope you will always remember what she said and reach new heights of being successful. All The Very Best!!!


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