Monday 24 November 2014

Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub Review

Hello Everyone,

                         I'm here today to talk about Skin Polishing. We expose our skin to a variety of things everyday including dust, pollution, harmful rays and what not! I realize that skin polish at least once a week is essential to remove dead skin cells and to keep our skin glowing. Skin Polishing is basically the process of exfoliation used to create ultra-smooth skin. You might be thinking that only professionals at beauty parlors can do it for us, but today I'll share my first impression of an effective skin rejuvenation product i.e. Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub :)

About Vedantika Herbals:
                 NCL Agro foods (vedantika Herbals) is a group of researchers and scientist headed by Shri N. C. Limbasiya, a food technologist from Gujarat. The main motto of the brand is to spread awareness about Health using Herbs.

Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub

                       Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub comes packed in a transparent plastic bottle with an outer screw cap and an inner plastic push-in cap that will tightly hold the content inside. 

Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub
Net Quantity: 110 gms/ 3.88oz
Price: INR 185
Shelf Life: 30 months

              Rubia Cardifolia, Withania Somnifera (ashwagandha), Oscimum Gratissimum (Clove Basil), Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Prunus Amygdalus (sweet almond), Juglans Regia (Walnut ), Citrus Aurantium ( bitter orange), Cinnamomum Camphor, Gram Flour & Oat Bran.

 Instructions to Apply :
                      Make a paste by soaking required amount of Skin Polishing Scrub in milk for 10 minutes. Gently rub to clean wet parts of the body for 5-10 minutes in circular movement. Wash off with normal water. 

My first experience with the product:
                   To begin with, let me tell you that as soon as I hold the Skin Polishing Scrub in my hand (still packed), I could smell a familiar fragrance from my childhood days. Reading the ingredients, I realized its my favourite aroma of Camphor :) 

                    As oppose to the usual scrubs that come in paste form, the Vedantika Skin Polishing Scrub is in powder form that can be converted into a paste of the consistency that suits your needs and preferences. So I utilized my Sunday yesterday to pamper my skin with this scrub and followed the instructions.

                      As I rubbed a pinch of this Vedantika Skin Polishing Scrub between my fingers, I felt happy to know that it is neither so crumbly ground nor very minutely ground. Because if its so coarse, I would have been afraid of scratches on my skin .... & if its so soft like a gel, there is always a feeling of not getting the purpose solved. As they say that a body scrub should ideally be of similar consistency to table salt. I found Vedantika Skin Polishing Scrub just the ideal one. :)

Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub

                  Later I soaked it in milk for few minutes and added half a spoonful of honey to the mixture because of my dry skin type. The gritty paste in light chocolaty color showed colorful ingredients in li'l chunks :)
Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub

           Beginning with splashing some water on my skin, I rubbed the paste on my face, neck and arms for the first use in circular motions. Here I paid close attention to the sides of my nose and any fine lines or dry spots on my skin by being careful around the eyes, when using it on face. Then I targeted the exposed parts of my back to cleanse with this scrub.
                  Like we all are aware of the benefits of non-abrasive and gentlest exfoliant Oat bran, it thoroughly removed the skin impurities. Infact I'm expecting that my tanned forehead skin would surely be lightened with its regular use. I finished off by splashing my skin with fresh water to close the pores and freshen up my skin.

Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub

1. Ayurvedic formulation using ancient beauty secrets.
2. Just perfectly ground.
3. Causes no irritation.
4. Smells soothing.
5. Easily Available.
6. Genuinely Priced.
7. Travel Friendly Packing. 
8. Can be used of any part of the body.

1. I experienced dryness even after adding honey into the mixture. I guess I need to pour in a generous quantity next time before a final word.  
2. If you find the price on a higher side, just recheck the ingredients list to know the obvious reason.

Overall Thoughts:
                 Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub not only makes your face feel clean and renewed, but also prevents breakouts and exfoliates dry skin. It sloughs off dead skin, blackheads and dirt from your skin gently without being harsh on skin. Those who want to stay away from beauty salons can definitely go for an effective remedy for brighter and more even textured complexion using Vedantika Herbals Ayurvedic Skin Polishing Scrub.

Hope this review will be informative for those reading. Do leave your feedback in comment section below.

*PR Sample.


  1. I loved this genuinely Priced & travel Friendly body scrub that is natural and reasonably priced.
    This comes in small packs too & I have tried it.
    You can mix in milk too as it leaves the skin soft

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