Tuesday 18 November 2014

A Bit of Spain Creeps into My 24K Home

Ask anyone about his or her hearty wishes, and I'm sure a Dream House is one of them ;) I'm no exception to that. I always longed for an idealized home that perfectly fits my needs and desires.

Undoubtedly, everyone expects n deserves a roof above his head in life in form of a HOUSE. But it is equally important to have liveliness at that place so that the people living in a house feel intermingled into each other's lives. The pleasures of staying in a Lavish House with finest furnishing is a really petty thing, but its a pleasure to own a Cozy Home where every member celebrates LIFE :)

As someone said "Home is a little corner of God’s green earth to call your own." I will add to it saying "my home is the most adorable possession filled with personal touches and sentiments I'm living every moment..."

The commitment n promise of a Common Family Man to his family members for providing them a comfort zone brings him back home everyday.The moment when smiling faces of his soulmate and his child appear in his eyes, he wishes to reach home earliest. Just looking at any corner of his home brings a warm smile on his face where he has spent memorable moments since long years.

I may simply say that the willingness to stay connected to our own feelings as well as the emotions of my loved ones drags our heart towards my home everyday. Imagine if money were no object and I get lucky to customize my house with the Porcelanosa ...
I would certainly choose to talk to the beautifully crafted walls of my dream home when there is no one to listen to me and an echo of my heart could be heard clear in that silence. A home's walls enclose, strengthen and hold secrets & so I wanted them to be as pretty as I feel about myself...

Porcelanosa Mosaic Moon Beige Sandstone wall tiles

I loved to have fashionable Mosaic wall tiles for my home to kill the boredom of looking at usual painted walls that I see day after day, at all hours, in any weather. Porcelanosa's mosaic wall tiles are the simplest shortcut to add richness, brightness and liveliness in your home all around. I loved the thought that these lovely pieces can be used to decorate corners as framing important corner.

Turning my attention toward a woman's worksphere, I knew that I had minutest detailing of how to make my kitchen space inviting for myself and everyone. The Porcelanosa's kitchen worktops left me with a smile as I got to know that the material used is not only stainfree and  fireproof but is also certified for its anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties.
The Easy Racking makes the modular kitchen more of fun and an organized system to cook n serve with love via stacking all essential elements in island placement.
Easy Racks
I admired the kitchen furniture that calls everyone inside this warm place to sit together and eat while sharing pleasant moments of togetherness and make kitchen a dinning room as well :)
Kitchen Furniture

Now, talking about that room of personal hygiene i.e. my bathroom which needs the most careful choice of innovative yet practical bathroom furniture or sanitary fittings n fixtures. From PORCELANOS cool collection, I'm excited for metalic rain showers for enjoying bit of luxurious bath like standing underneath a waterfall with low drizzling ...
Rain SHower
 A punch of bright colorful sanitary fixtures can definitely give anyone an unusual start of the day different from monotonous one...so here is the starting of a sunny day :)
Mood Yellow Sanitaryware

 Last but not the least, judicially managing the available space is always the key factor to judge the efficiency of a homemaker. Porcelanosa comes with a perfect solution to optimize the vacant areas by establishing huge range of well-designed closets, wardrobes, dressing rooms and racks that assure no malfunction while getting ready to step out.
dressing room

With the birth of Porcelanosa, now I better know how to transform a chunk of land into my #24KLiving dream home without much effort, just choose tastefully & celebrate life <3

You can explore about Spanish ceramics and tiling company Porcelanosa and its products in more detail here :)

This post has been exclusively written for Indiblogger's Happy Hours Campaign in association with Porcelanosa and 24kliving.
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  1. I <3 decoraint gmy home too & you can find lots of knick-knacks in every corner
    Decorating & personalizing your home as per your wishes is so important - that is when a house feels like a home
    Will be chking out Porcelanosa


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