Sunday 9 November 2014

DIY Waste to Wealth - Painting Ideas

               I remember myself drawing really neat diagrams in my Science practical files in my school days, and even did the favour of completing files of friends many a times. Still I missed that creative bend of mind that was needed to draw n paint something purely out of my own imagination :(

                I might not have improved my skills anything better in all those years coz there was hardly any need to pick brush n colors as I decided to graduate in Commerce as opposed to Humanity or Science streams. Infact, this thought of being active in Art & Craft never crossed my mind until it became a compulsion to me for my junior's interclass activities every weekend. I found myself running short of ideas; be it Origami, Diya Decoration, Card Making, or Mask Making ... Thank God! we have access to mighty Google that always saved me with a positive answer to my son's usual query "Mumma, I want you to help me in ____________ for tomorrow's activity, will you be able to help me out ?" ;)

                 Anyways, now I'm reasonably tolerable with my li'l better fine motor skills ;) So I thought of doing a simplest DIY today with as economical as Rs 50 (yup, this is the total money i spent for this DIY session)...

              I found a pair of old ballerinas kept un-noticed for last many months that actually used to be my favourite once, but since its top layer had chipped out a bit from sides, so I threw it carelessly in the shoe rack. Today, I decided to paint it anew and my junior quickly arranged in the required material (before I could change my mind) and bought two of his fav shades of Fevicryl Acrylic Colors i.e Red (Crimson 04) and Yellow (Lemon Yellow 11) for Rs 13 each and a Kokuyo Camlin painting brush (S-52 Pony Hair 6) for Rs 25.

So here are the pics how I turned the "Waste into Wealth" in simple steps and no major expenditure :)

The old lemon ballerina painted in Crimson Red

Lemon color used to draw petals in front

the completed floral pattern

some polka dots to add up the quirk for the finishing touch
(Though the previous design under the crimson paint is slightly visible even after double coat, but as I wore the ballerinas with contrasting outfit  the next day, there was no hint of awkward looks)
        In the same groove of painting today, I used the left over paints on an old clutch also. Have a look ...
the ugly face of the clutch that was lying in trash :P
the base paint kept for drying up

drawn li'l stars using brush

used pencil to draw thinner patterns

thought of giving my signature :P

the final product, ready for use :)

               I know I should not ask for your views on this silly attempt of mine, but won't mind if you would motivate me :P Lolz ;)
With a promise to do better next time, see ya !!


  1. They are really pretty dear and definitely not silly. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations :)

    1. Thnx for appreciation dear .. I would surely share some more exciting ideas soon :)

  2. A big thumbs up and amazing recycling. U actually gave a new life to both the objects. I particularly loved the sunflower pattern and polka dots on the shoes. Thoroughly enjoyed thyed this post Shilpa.

    1. I'm humbled by your kind words dear Gagan :) feeling really charged up !!

  3. Wow Shilpa.. its very inspirational and useful too. aWaiting for more innovations like this yaar...go ahead. ThumbsUP

    1. Its really a pleasant surprise to read something from u dear Sakthi :)
      I wud definitely come up with new posts soon!

  4. wow!!! lovely diy. I love creative things, I'll be also turning my waste products into new ones!!! :)

    1. aww, I think the purpose of sharing these ideas got solved if some of my spl readers are inspired too :)
      Thnx Airene !!

  5. This is adorable my dear :) Hats off!!

  6. Wow, so good to know that sitting at home with no expense, you can create magic. Loved the idea

  7. Loved what you did to the ballerinas.. They look fab..


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