Friday 14 November 2014

Childrens' Day Celebrations With Some Valuable Lessons

                         "Every time a child is born, the world is renewed in innocence"

Today is Children's Day! Although we are too big for being called as 'Children', but we can always enjoy the day with our kids and make them feel special on this day :)

At my son’s school, Children’s Day was celebrated with lots of fun n frolic today. The school headmistress in the guise of Pt. Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Independent India, astounded and regaled the students; while the vice-principal sent waves of elation and gusto among the students and teachers of St. Soldier, Mohali in the guise the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Both the enthusiastic ladies applauded the endevour of students for participating religiously in the Swachh Bharat campaign. Stressing on the usage of e-books, he made the children take a pledge for reading e-books to become voracious readers.
A PowerPoint presentation showcasing the love of Chacha Nehru for the children made little ones feel proud and special. The repertory of the students and the teachers through a Qawwali Parody threw the audience into splits of laughter. The students relished sumptuous and palatable refreshments while watching the entire show put up by the teachers.
I thought I should not miss the opportunity to spend a moment with NMo ;)
As the day is about to conclude, I received a cute video clip via whatsapp from a friend which I could not resist myself sharing with you...look at the interesting clip and I bet you will find many things to identify with <3 <3
Happy Children's Day to One & All !!


  1. Looks a wonderful event and it was really great of your school to incorporate important little lessons amidst the celebrations :)

    1. ya, coz play way method of learning is easily acceptable by kids, else they find it boring :)


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