Saturday 29 November 2014

Ab Montu Bolega, Aur Sara Desh Sunega

I'm proud that I stay at one of the cleanest city of the nation. How can I say so with so much conviction?? Well, this year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, when most of us got acquainted with this movement called Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the Ministry of Urban Development conducted a survey to find out the dirtiest and cleanest Indian cities. The City Beautiful Chandigarh actually justified its name by beating all cities on India and emerged as The Cleanest City. Obviously we, the residents of Chandigarh as well as whole Tricity, took it as a Personal Compliment and our faced beamed with joy. :)

This is the shinning silver part of the story that has an ugly face too. I could not turn my face around from the real picture where there are neglected areas of Tricity struggling for clean breath :(

For last many years, I’ve been crossing a nearby road to my child’s school while picking n dropping him which shamelessly owns a huge filthy dumpyard.... It had been a major concern of Health and hygiene conditions of more than 1800 students and staff of the school. It was not only an eye sore, but the garbage emanated stench which was unbearable for those who stayed nearby for many hours. The school authorities took every possible measurement to get that removed, but all in vain.

Then a working idea struck in the mind of a conscientious child whose ultra-thoughtful planning turned the situation other way around. The students formed a union and visited the Local Municipal Committee. They sang self-composed songs and raised slogans while carrying banners portraying their demand of removal of the dumpyard. The Municipal Commissioner appreciated the effort of the children. The students felt motivated as the Commissioner, despite his busy schedule, gave a patient ear to their request. He immediately arranged for a meeting with his officials and sent orders to clear the dumpyard.
But the Problems remained lurking as the request was not only to remove the litter, but also to remove the dumpyard or to shift it to some other secluded corner of the city.

In another phase of this drive, the students displayed dignity of labour by sweeping, picking wrappers, foils, polythene bags etc. from the roadside and the adjoining park. They spread the message of keeping the environment clean especially during monsoon to avoid blockage of drains and also to stop spreading of epidemics like Malaria, Dengue etc.

In the wake of the massive Mass Swachh Bharat Campaign by the students, the plea of the students was given prompt attention and corrective measures were taken by the authorities.

The leader of the campaign, who resembles Montu in his actions and will power, expressed his opinion that we must not be a silent spectator and must our voice to make a difference. Coz we have to be the change we want to see in the world....Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega....Aur Sara Desh Sunega.

About the Campaign:
World's leading sore throat medicine, Strepsils is encouraging people to speak their mind without any inhibitions. The brand has signed film actor Saqib Saleem of “Mere Dad Ki Maruti” and “Hawaa Hawaai” fame as the face of the campaign. Through “Ab Montu Bolega” campaign, Strepsils aims to increase its relevance for day to day expression with a healthy voice. The Facebook and Twitter pages have been sharing appealing visuals on topical issues, while encouraging users to join in the hashtag driven #AbMontuBolega conversations.
This post is written exclusively for Indiblogger's Happy Hours #AbMontuBolega Campaign in association with Strepsils .


  1. Swacch Bharat does not mean cleaning our surroundings just for a day
    I have tried to imbibe a habit of picking up garbage whenever I see it
    365 days of Clean India for me


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