Wednesday 26 November 2014

'Lipz' Lip Moisturizer by Ethicare Remedies - Review

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                      Hope you are enjoying the onset of winter at your places... Recently, I have been receiving messages from many of my readers to suggest some lip treatment product that offers more butters and less wax than usual balms. Many of them hesitantly mentioned that they would be more interested to go for an affordable product that suits their pockets. After much consideration, I came up with a really economical lip moisturizer that is full of wholesome nourishment for lips.

                  The Lipz lip moisturizer from Ethicare Remedies takes the center stage today..but before I show you how it looks like and how it works, let me grab the opportunity to introduce you with Ethicare Remedies :)

Ethicare Remedies:
Ethicare Remedies was founded by Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar in 2003 with exclusive focus in Dermatology & Cosmetology, a PIONEER of many products in India. The motto of the company is the belief that 'the right to good health is universal'. They have got their presence in 17 State of India and also export products in countries like Mauritius, Dubai, Bangladesh and Yemen. They believe in winning relationships with their product offerings. Their diversed product portfolio has got high regards in the eyes of all leading dermatologists and cosmetologists across the country.

                 Lipz lip moisturizer has been categorized under Dry Skin section of the products.
Packaging: The Lipz lip moisturizer comes in a white outer carton packing. The lip moisturizer is contained in a white tube with a red cap that can be tightly closed after use.
Outer Carton Pack
Net Wt.:  9 gms.
Price: INR 72.
Shelf Life: 3 years.
Tube Pack
This ultra-hydrating lip moisturizer is infused with rich Kokum Butter, Shea Butter,
Squalene, Mineral Oil, Sun Filters and Silicon Oil. The Squalane is identical to the oil that our glands produce naturally and works very effective to get rid of dryness since there are no oil producing glands in the lips. 

   Special Instruction: Not to be used by children under the age of 3 yrs.  

How did I use the product:
As you have seen that this lip moisturizer is a handy tube pack with a hole pierced in the center of the tip that ejects the content out with little pressure at the bottom. I liked the slanted tube tip which is comparatively easy to glide on lips than the round tip.

                    Before I could apply the lip moisturizer, I brought it closer to my nose to know how it smells like. To be frank, the packaging of the Lipz lip moisturizer is not very attractive or colorful and thereby gave me an impression that it would smell something unbearable like yucky medicines ;)  But to my pleasant surprise it has a soft vanilla fragrance that doesn't irritate you at all.

                    I glided the lip moisturizer twice or thrice in one application in the night. Till the next few minutes, I was rubbing my lips to look for that glazy white layer that we generally notice after use of lip balms, but fortunately found none. I swear its completely free of waxy feeling on lips. And the results have been satisfying with my dried lips turned soft and super smooth as i got up next day.

                 But on its application during the day time, I feel the need to re-apply it after frequent intervals as it doesn't stay longer when we tend to eat or drink something.

                 Something that goes in absolute favour of Lipz is that it is generously formulated with SPF 15 that not only makes the product glossier but is expected to block 93 percent of UVB rays. The problem of lip inflammation is just history when you have sun protection for your soft lips. A Happy Me indeed :)

               The women in love with matte lip products can layer this Lipz Moisturizer as a hidden base to their matte lipstick since its colorless and doesn't show off.

1. Clinically accepted by many dermatologists in the country.
2. Provides expected level of hydration.
3. No Preservatives, Artificial flavors or fragrances added.
4. Leaves lips look rosier pink and healthier.
5. Replenishes lips with rich butters that melt easily.
6. SPF 15 included.
7. Sturdy packing.
8. Very Reasonably Priced.
9. Causes No Allergies or Irritation.

1. Really difficult to find any in terms of quality n all ! But it needs frequent application for consistent result.
2. I would have loved it more if this innovative product gets a brighter packaging to attract more consumers ;)
3. Not readily available at medical stores, at least in my city (but online purchase is quite happening these days among people, so I don't consider it as a limitation as such).

Conclusion: Lipz Moisturizer provides essential lubrication for the lips and can considerably help to get rid of chronic dryness over time with frequent application. People with a budget of below 'one green note' should definitely give it a try on my recommendation.
                 All in All, Lipz has reserved an irreplaceable space in my handbag now coz the weather is getting more harsh with every passing day and I can't lose suppleness of  my lips :)
Kiss  your dry lips goodbye !!

                Hope you find the review useful and I would love to read about your valuable feedback on the same.


  1. It seems really good product. Thank you Shilpa for sharing the review
    Will defiantly try this product.

    1. Yes Namrita, it makes chapped lips kissable ;) Do try once.

  2. My lips are v. dry and chapped even in summers.
    It is a daily battle.
    This product is reasonably Priced and causes no allergies
    I will be trying this out

    1. It will end all ur worries related to dry n chapped lips.

  3. I had a very bad problem with my dried up lips. My doctor suggested me this, initially i thought it is some medicated lip cream but it is not. And it is very very effective. Just a night would heal any dried lips no matter to what extent they are dry. I have been using this for almost like 2 yrs, and I suggest to mom during winter. Very effective product.


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