Friday 28 November 2014

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap Review

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               You know I'm in love with handmade soaps since long. Infact for almost 3-4 years, I have not purchased & used a chemical based soap usually available in the market. At times, I feel surprised how and why people go for those fancy-looking soaps that actually have no skin benefits :/

                Today, my intention is to make you aware of another promising brand dealing in handmade soaps i.e. Fuschia. I know, you might be feeling that I addressed this name earlier also in one of my posts. Yups! you are right. I already used n reviewed Fuschia's handmade lipbalm. And I'm sharing my first hand experience with one of the Fuschia handmade soaps in this post :)

             Fuschia currently is crafting handmade soaps in three wonderful ranges:
Classic Range, Designer Range and Herbal Range. Each category lists eco-friendly soaps to take care of our skin
                 I'll be talking about Fuschia's Orange Peel Handmade soap that is infused with many nutrients necessary for maintain youthful skin. This is one from the Herbal range of their soaps.

Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap
 Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap comes in an outer cardboard packing with an inner sealed transparent plastic sheet holding the soap bar. The color of outer paper-covering compliments the key ingredient so well.

The soap bar weights 100 gms that costs Rs. 225/- per piece.

 The soap bar is not bright orange in color, but a pretty one that actually has some thin particles peeping out.
             It is a gentle soap that doesn't leave the body skin dried out after usage. The texture of the soap is very creamy on your palm and it produces sufficient lather in contact with water. If  the soap bar is properly placed in the soapcase to get dried after use, it has no tendency to melt down at normal temperature. It spreads a sensuous fragrance on body for next few minutes after bath. The fragrance itself is absolutely identical to citric one that my nose recognizes instantly.

              It washes out easily and asks for no application of moisturizer, if you have oily to normal skin. But I feel uneasiness n stretchy on skin after bath in any season, so would suggest people with dry skin like mine that they should use a light body lotion afterwards.

           In only few regular uses, I noticed lightened complexion on exposed body parts. I believe the Vitamin C content of orange peel combats free radicals and helps adding a glow to your skin by fighting off wrinkles.

            My experience makes a noticeable point that Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap can not only be used as cleansing sap bar, but can be used as a toner.

The Positives:
 1. 100% vegetarian n NO animal tested. (the green dot in the pic above indicates the same)
2. Orange peel treats acne very effectively.
3. Extracts dirt from deep inside the pores.
4. Smells really heavenly.
5. Doesn't melts so easily, so one bar will last quite longer.
6.Preservative free, so shelf life is longer than soaps offered by other brands.
7. Deflects harmful UV rays.
8. Renews worn out skin cells and prevents all unhealthy skin conditions.

100% Vegetarian (not for edible use)
The Negatives:
1. The ingredient list is missing from the packaging and I really wish that the key ingredients MUST be mentioned to convince users about the goodness of the product.
2. A bit pricy (but on the website, one can opt for buying combo packs of few soaps at good discounts) 
3. Not locally available at drugstores or supermarkets.
contain a wide variety of nutrients
contain a wide variety of nutrients

If you are looking for a soap that can target those dark spots caused due to acne or some sunspots then please give this a try. This soap has actually relieved me from sparing time for making a homemade paste of dry orange peel n milk. I've developed a huge passion for this soap and will be repurchasing it in the next bunch :)

*PR Sample.

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  1. A 100% vegetarian soap not animal tested that is having Orange peel.....all in all a great soap for me as oranges treats acne very effectively and I have a BIG acne problem
    Thanks for this wonderful review


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