Friday, 29 January 2016

Impact of Abused Relationships on Children

'Relationships' are one of the most treasured possessions for every human being. Its the quality of family relationships that determine the well-being of every member than anything else. There are so many components like strong bonding, positive communication, quality time etc. that ultimately result in creating a happy environment in a family.

As oppose to this, the troubled relationships of adults in a family adversely affect the entire family specifically the young ones. In today's scenario, when the degree of patience and self-control has dipped down in most people, the resulting abused relationships end up causing traumatic effects on children living in the house. Being a regular observer of reckless anger, violent assault, derogatory remarks by any of the parents, the child is directly exposed to emotional and behavioral problems. The continuous arousal of feelings of being helpless & worthless in the situation instills a guilt in the child and he blames himself for standing like silent witness. A poor self-esteem without any feeling of pride starts prospering in the immature mind that directly intervenes child's physical and mental growth. The younger children, who usually don't have the capability to express their feeling adequately, turn to be passive, withdrawn, self-centered and non-communicative personalities as they keep on amassing bitter memories of these frequent dreadful events in their mind.
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Such children, after a time period, turn into sufferers of minor or major psychological issues like sleep disorder, depression, anxiety, fear and ofcourse anger. There is no wonder if these children become more vulnerable to violent behaviour in social life as well. It becomes an easy way out for them to relieve their stress by behaving ruthless and finding others not reacting to that unacceptable behaviour.

The raised level of aggression in the children, who live under the influence of abuse, is self-destructive in their own relationships in later life as they grow. The conflicting parental relationship tends to show up on surface at any point of time in the child's life and leave him brutally demean his partner losing all respect for a healthy family life.

Looking at the dire effects of abusive relationships, the need of the hour is to rectify the behavioural pattern at the right time expanding solution for a happier tomorrow before it gets too late. Regardless of the matter, the couples/caretakers/guardians of children should practice civilized bahaviour with a willingness to solve the issue at the point calmly and not ruin the lives due to impulsive temper tantrums. The devil horns can only be locked by our own better self-control and a mild thinking over the ill-effects of abuse and violence. Once the iron determination makes a place in your humble deeds, the happier family relationship are not unreachable :)
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  1. Children are huge responsibility. If we bring them into the world then we should be extremely carefully how to protect them from all these problems. Great article.

    1. True that. It is the matter of prime concern for all the parents.

  2. very nicely written article and its a sort of eye opener, because even if not abusive sometime in impulse of anger we tend to argue with each other which also affects a lot on tender brains of kids.

    1. Love your thoughts n totally agree wid u. We need to be calm n controlled while dealing with kids.