Wednesday 8 June 2016

Nivea Creme Review

For years, many of us have been using the iconic Nivea Cold Creme. Infact, for people like my mom, Nivea Creme had been one of the most promising BEAUTY PRODUCT in those days. The brand even boasted of famous celebrities promoting this product.
So this most famed 100 years old Nivea Creme is under my scanner today.
Price: INR 120/-
Quantity: 100 ml
Shelf Life: 30 months
Ingredients: (see below)
The traditional metal tin pack of cult classic Nivea Creme has been streamlined with new-age guise. Now it comes in a plastic tub with screw cap. But the color theme has been kept the same to retain the brand identity. There is a protective sheet on the neck of tub pack as well.
The Nivea creme in milky white color is famous for its incredibly pretty floral fragrance with a citrusy mix, which I adore. Its no way overpowering and would suit even sensitive noses.
Unlike the light textured Nivea Nourishing Body Milk, the creme has a thick, rich consistency like the soft butter kept at room temperature ;)
The creme is meant to provide intensive moisturization and for my extremely dry skin, its sort of a multi-purpose solution. I use it on my rough elbows, dry hands and on any part of body that seeks special attention towards flaky patches.
When applied on skin, it doesn't soaks immediately but takes a little while to get absorbed. But once my skin drinks it up, it’s in for an impressively long time enhancing skin’s protective barrier. The luxurious feel of Nivea creme on my dry skin proves its hydration capabilities.
The creme looks somewhat shinier while applying, but leaves no luster on my skin after being absorbed. Despite having dry skin, I avoid using it as facial moisturizer fearing any breakouts, but I do apply it on my neck. It caused me no greasy disaster at all.
This cream has actually given very good result on using as cuticle cream, hand emollient, lip balm, heel cream and makeup remover. Though I doubt it would be liked by oily skinned people, but the beauties with combination skin type may try this creme occasionally depending on condition of the skin at different seasons of year. 
The best part is its easy availability in the drugstores and on online stores. I can say that hyper-moisturizing Nivea Creme is one of the products that stood the test of time and will remain one of the most loved skincare products out there..


  1. Thanks for the honest review. I use it regularly.

  2. left a instagram pic wrt to this
    don't know if you can see it - tagged you though

  3. This is a all time favorite cream , since years I am seeing this cream in my Maasi's purse.


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