Friday 24 June 2016

Moha Herbal Shower Gel Review

A natural body cleanser made of plant extracts would always be my preference over a wealth of chemical product available in the market. Whenever I'm given a chance to test such herbal products, I feel naturally spirited to try and share my opinion.
One of the name that is directly synonymous to herbal products and is actually loved by me is Charak Pharma. I've used and reviewed many of their products being offered under the name of Moha and now when they added few more into their kitty, I couldn't resist giving them a try. 
Today, I'll review Moha Herbal Shower Gel.
Product Info:
Moha Herbal Shower Gel takes gentle care of your skin with the detoxifying action of Aloe. The antifungal and antiseptic properties of Neem and Tea Tree help to reduce blackheads and pimples. Orange Peel provides a generous dose of Vitamin C, leaving skin soft and supple.
Price: Rs. 105 for 100 ml Order here
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.
Moha Herbal Shower Gel comes in a small sized bottle that has leafy prints on it and indicates the active ingredients used in making the product. The bottle is made of quite sturdy plastic.
The flip open cap is tight while locked. So no chance of spillage and you may carry it around without any worries. The bottle is placed in an outer cardboard box that has same print as of bottle and all required information too.
There is a small leaflet in the box that will elaborate the purpose and effects of key ingredients.
Moha Herbal Shower Gel is a exotic blend of tea tree oil, neem and orange peel that brings uplifting citrus scent to shower. Its light orange in color, but is not of gel-like consistency. It tends to be runny on your palm.
A coin sized liquid on the wet loofah suffices to originate zesty foam for cleansing of entire body. So a little goes a long way to create a luxurious foaming experience under the shower. After nearly a week of daily use, I noticed that it caused my skin not to dry out and flake; rather my skin enjoys a smooth extravagant feel after I rinse it off.

After a humid, sweaty day, an evening shower with Moha shower gel rejuvenates the dullness of my skin as well as mood and relaxes me deeply. My mom-in-law who is somewhat picky for bath and body products exclaims this shower gel to be gentle and non-irritating on her skin. It removes all types of skin impurities including pollutants and excess oil to leave skin toned and conditioned.

For just Rs. 105, its a real bargain for a high quality natural product that is not tested on animals and is free of preservatives. Recommended to try (y)

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