Monday 13 June 2016

Introducing The Princess Coffer Monthly Box from Think Frill

Subscription Boxes!! Wow, they are so enticing...It's super exciting when a box or bag full of surprise goodies reaches you every month and pampers you fondly. I've seen many brands coming up with wide array of subscription boxes created on different themes like beauty box, jewelry box, period box, lingerie box, kids infotainment box etc. And frankly speaking, most of them are hugely appreciated by me for the quality products they offer, for justified pricing and for the liberty to customize :)

Recently, I got introduced to La Coffer by a friend which is a Monthly Period Box by Think Frill. To ease down the painful period days, there is nothing as comforting as a custom made menstrual care package comprising of sanitary supplies, pain comforters, crunchy little snack packs, sweet treats and some beauty products. You can choose one of the three coffers – Duchess (Rs. 150), Princess (Rs. 300) and Queen (Rs 600) that have been curated as per their level of extravagance.

Since the Duchess Coffer is basic menstrual care box without any fancy addition and the Queen's Coffer is the most extravagant box, I chose to pamper myself with Princess Coffer because one can always upgrade a plan as the requirements change.

So my polka dots printed Princess Coffer arrived super quick, wrapped in multiple folds of bubble wrap.

It was so pleasing to read this Welcome Note kept in the box with a separate leaflet about the contents of the box..

On opening the box with lots of excitement, I finally uncovered this veil to find what I got in the box.
And wow, my eyes met this view of neatly arranged stuff inside the box with all the bare necessities plus a little extra something for every once in a while during those days..
For a tea person like me, enjoying green tea is an easy way to replace my caffeine craving. Its rich in antioxidants and boosts overall metabolism to keep me active. Also restricted fluids are good when your body is cramping or bloating, so I liked getting these three different flavours of green tea in my subscription box. 
During your periods, when it gets difficult to deal with your sour mood and you almost start hating life, its really important to control your anxiety. A bite into these tangy, sweet or crunchy delights can surely controls your mood swings at its peak. In my box, I received these Frit-C belts in strawberry flavour and crunchy Cornitos snack packs.

Though I lack interest and energy getting properly dress up and all, but its unavoidable to stay home every time you are hit with this irritating feeling and need to get up. A bit of radiance in such uneasy days comes handy when you have your all-time fav beauty product at your disposal. I got a very flavourful and aromatic Avon lipbalm in Cherry variant in my box which is really likable.
Finally, after all this extravagant treat, I could see a pack of Pee Safe multiuse wipes which is a must-have for me not only during periods but in routine. I absolutely loved it because it can not only be used to maintain hygiene of your intimate area but can also be used as face wipes. It is easy to carry in my bag when I'm travelling, going to office or stepping out for any destination.
This pack of sanitary essentials came elegantly packed in the box which contained individually packed napkins, tampons and panty liners as per my choice.
If you still feel, you need some more indulgence; there are some coupons in the box that can earn you a discount when you want to order your most-loved food..
The Princess Coffer made me felt nothing but like a real PRINCESS :) For a price of Rs 300, I received products valued almost Rs. 480. So don't wait for someone to gift you happiness and order your preferred Coffer at for the ultimate delight in this MONTHLY BOX.


  1. wow..this box is looks very interesting

  2. These days premium boxes are in trend. This box have interesting things.

    1. Absolutely, and the best part is that you may choose one or more Coffers as per specific budget or liking every time. :)

  3. One more exciting subscription box :-) Price is easily affordable and products are good .

  4. New concept, I will check it out.


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