Wednesday 8 June 2016

Ready to Race with Datsun redi-Go

Every time I hear the word 'drive', my eyes light up. Driving, in my books, means getting away from the daily grind of city, challenging myself to explore something exciting in the outskirts, getting my adrenaline rush, bonding and camaraderie with family n friends having a great time...

Well, all this seems nothing but an unfulfilling dream when in reality I find myself making my way on busy city roads and get easily panic. The charm of everyday driving actually gets lost when I'm cursing the overall unsafe driving. :(

A significantly stylish and supportive Datsun redi-Go is ready to beat my urban driving blues and give new meaning to my driving pleasures. How passionately I've longed for a vehicle crafted with precision of high-end technology that can steer my stroll smartly in the interiors of Kolkata markets and can pleasantly progress up-higher to Dalhousie hills just with difference of strokes. Sounds so brilliant to traverse these parts of India on a test drive with a companion of my soul.

Datsun has created a buzz showcasing its design marvel redi-Go with its roomy design and that too without pinching your pocket. I would take a closer look to this ingenious solution to my driving agony and also would talk about the features that arouse my interest into --
Datsun Pro-Safe 7
'Safety' is far ahead for me when I drive with the intent of avoiding risk of any kind of injury on the road due to handling of my vehicle. Datsun has buckled up the design of redi-Go with 7 safety features in it which are quintessential for safe driving. 
The driver can get an enhanced, wider view of surroundings using Opti-View feature and can utilize cornering technique for better control over the car. One can apply brakes to bring the car to a halt at the earliest using Performance Augmented Brakes, if faced with an obstacle. The vehicle also has Energy Absorbing Steering and Airbag that inflate faster than blink of your eye when a collision is detected and all the impact force is absorbed by the steering to protect the passengers. In case, an accident is unavoidable, the strong Datsun body structure gives utmost protection due to its Reinforced Crash Protection Shell.

Small Turning Radius 
When it comes to cars, the tighter the turning circle, the better the maneuverability. And when you are look out for a car for urban driving where you get bare minimum share of parking and turning your car, it becomes a luxurious feature if your car has small turning radius. Datsun redi-GO brings in a positive feel to city drive by providing us to make a full turn-around with just a 4.7-metre turning radius. That simply means one can be free of all the nightmares of getting struck into jam-packed congested areas outside malls, theatres, office parking and almost everywhere... As a result, the overall fuel efficiency also improves while you may enjoy peace of mind as well.

Low-Fatigue Seats
As I begin by talking about 'long-drives', how can I not talk about expected comfort that I would wish while sitting for many hours in a car. Datsun has designed the redi-Go's seat bolsters to relieve pressure and provide added comfort. The thoughtful design reduces fatigue, avoid causing neck or back pain and thereby adds up to passenger's comfort with specially engineered seats. 

I just cannot wait to take a test drive in 'ready-to-go' Datsun #redi-Go and see my dream getting fulfilled. Because --
Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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