Sunday 26 June 2016

Fascinating Fashion Jewelry From Bornpretty Store

Accessorizing outfits with fashion jewelry is the trending style of ornamentation. Fashion Jewelry is not only affordable, but cheers every kind of dressing style. Many a times, I purchase such jewelry pieces for gifting purpose as well and these are truly accepted with a lot of zest by my female friends and family members. To make an online purchase for fashion accessories, Bornpretty Store is one of my most favoured site where numerous chunky, stylish and designer accessories are available at pocket-friendly prices.

Just a few days ago, I ordered some delicate jewelry considering my choice for the season because I avoid being laden with heavy material during summers. My well-packed order got delivered in two weeks exactly with all these pretty accessories and I couldn't wait to style each of these :)

Most of the time, I like dressing up casually and a pendant in long chain is the best necklace style for me. The Posh Whimsical Ball Shaped Necklace with two hollow balls hanging in there tickled my fancy in first glance. For a price of $2.53, it looks much more royal in cut and finish.
This delicate pendant is apt to show up on a crew-neck dress for a subtle, yet elegant appeal. It surely got me well-deserved compliments ;)
Then I wanted a necklace for the dresses which have broader scoop neckline or boat neckline. Ditching a pendant and opting for a statement necklace is my pick for such dresses, because it fills up the space and adds some interest to my outfit. So I liked Retro Chain Flower Crystal Necklace worth $4.83 that was avalable in so many color options.
Since, I had been shopping for colorful ones in my earlier purchases, I got to order the beautiful White necklace this time to create an aesthetically pleasing look for myself. As oppose to its elaborate design that seems to be heavy, its quite light-weight.
Next I liked a quirky pendant for styling it with my collared shirts ;) I've seen the Owl shaped accessories being talk of the town, but I didn't have one. So added Vintage Colorful Rhinestone Hollow Owl Necklace in my cart for the fun I was missing. It really gives an unfussy and effortless style to even a dull shirt dress.
I found a 6Pcs set of Mini Rhinestone Earrings at a price as low as $0.99, so bought it without giving it a second thought. These are good choice for every day accessorizing when you are not in a mood of matching it with your outfit. The metalic hue goes well with most colors.
Another lovely pick was a pair of my all-time favourite U Shape Ear Clip Studs that shuts with a click when pressed. The reason I like them is the ease with which I may put it on and off without someone's help. :)  The sterling Rhinestones make them look much more pretty. I chose to have them in Golden, though the Silver option is also available. 
How could I forget something exclusive to style with my ethnic outfits. Hence, selected Gold-plated Pierced Bohemian Earrings.
They look really enchanting in classic black and gorgeous golden both, but I'm more inclined towards gold tone, so here is the golden beauty that I received.
I finalized my order with 2Pc set of Plated Fashion Bangle. But against my usual liking for gold, I thought of getting these in Silver and when these arrived I quite liked my choice.
Getting so much to flaunt from Bornpretty Store in such limited budget is an inexpensive way to add glamour and sparkle to my dressing and I always love exploring something new here.
If you loved what I shopped and want to order something really cool for yourself, do use the coupon code WEMT10 and you may get 10% off on your order on any non-discounted product all over the website.

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  1. Nice haul , all are too pretty , i have one U shaped earring similar to yours , its pretty .


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