Saturday 25 June 2016

Product Review - ZBlock Sunscreen Gel With 25% Zinc Oxide & SPF 58

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How bad it feels when the gorgeous glow of your skin turns dull and dark due to harsh sun. There is an array of sunscreen gels, sprays, creams and lotions that are hitting the market claiming to save your skin from bearing the heat of sun. The kind of topical product you choose should be directly related to your skin type and the level of protection you expect.

Usually, the cream form is better for dry skin and so is my much preferred type. When Ethicare Remedies introduced a promising sunscreen mainly for dry skin, I knew I had to give it a go. The product is ZBlock Sunscreen Gel With 25% Zinc Oxide & SPF 58.  

After using it for almost a week (with re-application every day), this is my opinion about the product...
Product Description:
Z-Block contains 25% zinc oxide sunscreen. It provides broad spectrum protection against sun rays UVA and UVB also having higher SPF 58 and **** rating.

Z-Block sunscreen is 100% free of chemical actives, so no irritation. Z-Block has break through patented Index Match Technology to ensure non opaque, non whitening sunscreen experience.

Z-Block sunscreen contains Zinc oxide- The only ingredient classified by USFDA that provides broad spectrum coverage across the entire UVB & UVA range.

Z-Block contains Zinclear IM- The most transparent and effective zinc oxide in the world and also approved as organic cosmetic ingredient by Ecocert.
Ingredients: Refer image below
Price & Qty: Rs 599 for 50 ml

The ZBlock sunscreen comes in a squeeze tube which is encased in outer carton. The color theme of product packaging is quite simple without any fancy prints or fonts. The newly purchased tube has a foil seal on the opening hole which I appreciate because there are times when I open the package cap and it starts flowing uncontrollably and creates mess.  
ZBlock, despite its name as GEL, is not actually gel but in cream form. The milky white colored cream is semi-fluid in consistency. The texture is very smooth and velvety. You would experience a faint scent when sniffing directly from the tube, but the sunscreen feels almost fragrance-free upon application on skin.
The running consistency of the sunscreen aids to spread the product effortlessly on skin. The moment I rub it on skin, it blends with natural skin tone and doesn't look whitish. Unlike some sunscreens which offer matte effect, it gives an admissibly oily feel to skin. There is no greasy or sticky feel though, since my dry skin quickly quenches the product. This quality makes the sunscreen best one for dry and extra dry skin people like me. But won't be a preferable choice for oily or combination skin type.

The major USP of this product is its strong SPF 58 formula with UVB support and 25% Zinc oxide. The excellent blend of these traits offers ultimate solar protection. Zinc oxide is the safest active sunscreen ingredient that is destined to provide broad spectrum coverage blocking both UVB & UVA. Yet another feature that I loved in this product is its being 'Very Water Resistant' which means the SPF level stays effective after 80 minutes in the water and that's pretty decent duration. But one thing to ensure is to reapply the sunscreen after a water activity because none of the sunscreens are water-proof. 

The sunscreen doesn't sting or melt, when the summer sun causes me to perspire. Its like applying the formula on face, neck, arms, hands, ears and top of my feet & stay sun safe.
Strongly recommended for DRY skin!

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