Wednesday 29 June 2016

Ethicare Remedies Hydromax Emollient Lotion Review

Almost an year ago, I had reviewed Hydromax CT Cream from Ethicare Remedies that is meant to combat dry skin issues. In the similar efficacy, I tried their Hydromax Emollient Lotion this time to assess its effects on my skin. So here we go for its details -

Hydromax Emollient Lotion comes in a simple plastic bottle with Flip cap. The label on either side of the bottle give required information. The bottle is packed in cardboard box of same color theme.
Product Claims:Maximum hydration through maximum occlusion offers Truly longer lasting action. Specially developed formula ensures rapid healing. Optimum effect in severe dry skin condition.
Ingredients: (refer image below)
Price: Rs 199 for 100 ml
Expiry Date: After 3 yrs of mfg
I relate the name 'Hydromax' to a product supplying Maximum Hydration with which the skin can be rightly benefitted. I always prefer to have emollients that are light on application but don't cause breakouts or extra shine.
The milky white, medium thick consistency Hydromax Lotion is a rich formula blending Shea Butter and Kokum Butter. A dollop of the lotion is enough for envelop your body skin and starts working immediately to restore essential skin moisture. The hydration of this quick absorbing lotion lasts really long.
For oily, acne prone skin, the lotion might be greasy, hence not suitable; but a regular daily dose of Hydromax prevents flaky, itchy and tight skin issues that are major concerns of dry and extra-dry skin people. Even combination skin may attempt applying Hydromax on the drier areas of body for a moistened feel.
The lotion is ideal to attain instant smoothness and healthier skin on dry body parts so I love massaging it lightly on my elbows, feet and neck for a serious boost of moisture.
Oops, forgot to mention, the lotion smells too good. I frankly didn't like the smell of Hydroax CT Cream that I had used last year and was apprehensive of similar fragrance in this lotion. But to my great surprise, this product has lovely scent.
The ingredient list mentions 'preservatives' in it, which is somehow a turn off factor. But with the impressive ability to feed desperate dry skin with intense moisture, this budget-friendly lotion can be a life-saver.

*PR Sample

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