Friday 11 March 2016

Soap Mania from Keya Bath & Body Works

Hello Friends

Taking you through colorful, aromatic world of natural handmade soaps once again. The name that I'm introducing today came into existence when Ms. Astha decided to share her passion for chemical free products with the world and "Keya Bath & Body Works" came into existence. Her earnest wish to infuse more n more skin-friendly ingredients into her products resulted in a vast treasury of soaps, ubtans, facepacks etc. As usual, I got pulled towards those colorful soaps in different shapes :P

I got a nice cardboard box elegantly gift packed with Cucumber, BlackBerry, Chocolate Orange and Green Tea & Activate Charcoal soap variants. The moment I opened the box, all the family members decided then n there which soap will they be using for themselves. (yes! at my home, you will find few soap bars and body washes kept in all washrooms as per everyone's liking)  
Chocolate Orange soap, got selected by my little boy. If you are wondering whether a child may use these soaps or not. Let me mention that all the soaps by Keya Bath and Body are completely safe for delicate skin of children as pointed by Ms. Astha on my query :) The round, flattened, semi-transparent, orange colored soap has lingering citrus+chocolaty scent. It delights the skin and senses while behaving as a natural healer of minor skin issues. (Priced at Rs 60)

Blackberry soap in its gorgeous deep lavender color won my appreciation. Its rich fragranced foam gently cleanses the skin. Its been my first trial of any blackberry soap. The soap smelling of citrus notes makes the skin nourished and moisturized. It also suited sensitive skin of my mom in law and she claims it to be skin soothing. (Priced at Rs 60)

Cucumber soap is ideal to calm the irritating skin and reduces inflammation. It goes far to prove cooling effect when the skin needs to retain natural hydration. Cucumber is said to have vitamin C, silica, potassium and magnesium that contribute to healthier and brighter skin. (Priced at Rs 60)

Green Tea & Activate Charcoal soap is again an exciting blend. Both the ingredients are excellent to condition and detoxify the skin by pushing away impurities. This soap bar, unlike all three I used, is a square shaped one. Its layered composition is extremely delectable. I had tough time convincing myself that its a soap and not a slice of cake or ice cream :P It has subtle scent, so would be loved by people who stay away from strong fragrances. (Priced at Rs 70)

The packaging of all the soaps is quite simple i.e. wrapping in a plastic sheet. i don't feel that there is a need to spend of something fancy. So I like it. The only thing I wish to see improved is the labeling, which MUST have ingredient list, shelf life and other essential info. All the soaps bars weighing 100 gm are very reasonably priced. If staying away from harsh chemical is your goal, then don't forget to try these bathing bars. I'm sure you will never go back to commercial soaps :)

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  1. These soaps are too cute 😀

  2. I love handmade soaps. This looks very nice.

    1. me too. have tried so many and loved most of them :)

  3. yet to try this

  4. Lovely review Shilpa & the soaps are so cute ;)


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