Monday 21 March 2016

Aroma Essential Natural Loofah Soap Review

Loofah plays an important role to get clean skin under shower. In olden times, I've seen my elders making natural loofahs at home out of dried fibrous vegetables like gourd when it used to get mature. But I mostly buy these natural loofahs from market since I have no time and patience for making them. The reason why I love using these loofah is that the bodywash gets very easily seeped into its spongy construction and forms rich foam when scrubbed on body.
Another better option instead of using a loofah with body wash is to bathe with a loofah soap. I received one such soap with tree-based natural loofah from Aroma Essentials which is enriched with Eucalyptus oil.
The round shaped soap in sunny yellow color looks very freshening. The formation of the soap is such that the loofah is completely inserted on one side of the soap to give it a fleecy feel and peeps out from another side for direct access to textured loofah. 
I totally love the way the loofah soap relaxes every tired muscle with its gentle massaging pattern. The loofah works as a humble exfoliator when rubbed over parts of the body including shoulders, legs, feet etc. The fibre of the loofah enclosed within the soap help to shed off skin's dead cells and in turn stabilizes blood circulation as well.
My husband recommends the loofah soap specially as 'foot scrubber' for getting rid of callus under the feet. The aroma that is left behind after using the loofah soap is very light yet delicious. One needs to ensure soft movement of the soap on body to avoid rashes or scratches, if the skin is sensitive.
Though the loofah keeps getting softer after every use, you may enjoy the core of the soap coming out graciously and giving you great cleansed skin. Also good care should be taken to rinse and dry the loofah soap between uses to avoid bad bacteria make place between holes.
Shifting to a loofah soap is an ultimate lather-and-exfoliate experience at the same time under the shower. I'm so much in love with this beloved addition in my bathing essentials :)
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  1. Ohh such an innovative idea but it can be waste of money as I get natural loofah worth 20 bucks near my house. :)

    1. But everybody doesn't have easy access to those like u do. Atleast not in my city. So I would love to own this


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