Thursday 31 March 2016

NELF Cosmetics Colossal Lip Definer Review

Many a times, I've expressed my love for lipsticks. The lipsticks are my all time favourite makeup product and I love how my face instantly turns prettier to myself (not much concerned about others opinion if it pleases me) when I apply a lipcolor :) Also I'm very very particular to use a lip liner every single time I want to color my lips. That simply means the number of lipsticks that I've hoarded is directly proportionate to number of lip liners as well ;) I simply don't feel happy if my lips lines are not well-defined.
So today I'm sharing my experience with Nelf Cosmetics Colossal Lip Definer. I received one in Burgundy shade.
The Nelf lip definer is a pen shaped liner whose upper half portion can be twisted to take the liner out to use. It is housed in a thick plastic sheet packaging with a sliding cardboard at its back.
The liner pen is in triangular cut that enhances your grip. I wish the liner pen should have the shade name printed on it for quick reference.
The liner itself is not very thin-tipped initially, so the ladies who like very precise lip lines can easily use the sharpener provided with the liner.... Don't panic if you don't see the sharpener in your lip liner pack, because its tiny one inserted at the tail of the liner and can be pulled out/pushed in as and when needed. I considered it a plus point that now I don't need to worry forgetting it at home when carrying my lip liner in my bag.
The liner tip feels creamy and doesn't stuck on the bumps of lips (if any). You may expect a smooth, running hand when trying to draw your natural lip line. Using the liner on any creases or cracks in lips perfectly prevents my lipstick from bleeding and keeps the lipcolor in place for 6+ hours without touch up.
The color pay off is really good and you may need to wipe it off with a gentle cream based makeup remover or a moisturizer. I hardly detected any fragrance in the product which again is a positive in favour of the product.
There are times when I just define my lips with lip liner and fill them up with any lipstick of my choice, else I first fill up my lips entirely with lip liner and then cover it with lipstick. The second trick helps me get a matte base to avoid fading off my lipcolor sooner.
These Nelf lip definers are available in 5 more pretty colors other than burgundy which are Nude Pink, Miami Pink, Wine, Hot Red and Berry Berry at a price of rs 225 each.
I'm happy how applying the lip liner as an extra step to use lipstick makes a difference to my look. Tell me how do your prefer coloring your lips..

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