Thursday 10 March 2016

Glittery Gold & Colorful Vintage Jewelry Haul from Bornpretty Store

Seeing myself as a jewelry hoarder is rather unlikely for everyone who know me personally. My everyday jewelry pieces include only a gold chain around my neck with a delicate pendant and few finger rings. I always wondered how do my friends and colleagues manage so much of time to put on matching accessories every day. Moreover, I felt no excitement to follow the trend ever. But I swear, now that I've got some pretty fashion jewelry from Bornpretty Store, I also feel the urge to mix-n-match those jewelry pieces with my dress while getting ready for work ;) Its truly an incredible change in my perspective that's making me feel happy.
In my previous purchases, I mainly focused on buying statement necklaces. And after collecting few great items, I chose to order some gold and vintage pieces this time. As usual, when the parcel arrived, I could not afford to wait styling them. I'm super excited to show you what I received .. Have a look here ..
Cute Bird Lover Necklace is one of the cutest girly pendant with light-weight chain in my collection now. It grabbed everybody's attention and looked so adorable when I wore it. In less than two dollars, its a deal not-to-be-missed. Being in plain gold, it can be worn everyday. Those who prefer silver jewelry would be happy to know that this piece is available in Silver also.
Going with the flow of every day jewelry, I added a pair of decent Rhinestone Gold Ear Studs in the cart. These are beautifully crafted and don't hurt my earlobes at all. Buying it at $1.61 was an amazing bargain. 

For that matter that summers have approached now and I would need some accessories to compliment my trendy fusion wear. I got to buy a dazzling bracelet. With many loops in its chain, it gracefully fitted my fragile wrist..lolz ;) It seems completing even a western or ethnic look when styled tastefully.

One specific accent of jewelry type that turn me on is Vintage pieces. They certainly have a regal appeal. Just like this superlative Vintage neckpiece made me go gaga over its floral design made of multicolored stones and crystals. With a long alloy chain, it sits elegantly around the neck and gives magnificent coverage in the front. Needless to say, I'm fed up answering people "where did I buy it from?" .. 

Once I decided on many of items, it clicked my mind to get some hair accessories too. And wow, this Vintage Peacock Hair Clip looked worthy of hair decoration.  

I'm counting on BornprettyStore for their mind blowing services and superb product range. They are one of the largest seller of fashion jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, watches, phone cases, makeup, nailart and much more. They offer free shipping for delivery in more than 150 countries across the globe and promise to dispatch your order within 24 hours of placing an order. 

If you use the coupon code WEMT10 while placing an order, you may avail 10% discount on any non-discounted products site wide :)

Did you like my purchases this time? Let me know what product appealed you the most :)

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  1. loved the 2 birds

  2. Really pretty pieces dear i really like them all. Its hard to chose one but i like the couple bird the most!

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  3. I really want to haul jewellery from born pretty store. They look value for the money.

    1. oh yes. i find most of the products much worthy their price.

  4. the earring is so elegant

  5. The bracelet looks very pretty.


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