Thursday 3 March 2016

Delicious Handmade Lip Care Products

Keeping my lips softened and protected in every season is a mandate. There are so many options available for lip care these days that its hard to find the most suitable one. I totally avoid those sticky chapsticks, and am quite picky for the genuinely effective lip balms. I have used and liked lip balms of many brands, but this time I'm  here to talk about a duo of handmade lip balm and lip gloss which came straight from house of Aroma Essentials.
LipBalm looked very cute in a little plastic tub that is decorated so beautifully with a satin flower on its lid. I got the lip balm in Orange Vanilla flavour. I could detect similar scent as of the Turmeric Butter which is my recent favourite. I swear its scent lasts longer than my expectation. The Orange Vanilla Lip Balm is colorless as you apply on your lips. I consider it a plus point because men would also be able to use it, if required ;) A touch of lip balm loaded with vegetable glycerine n cocoa butter relieves from dry, chapped lips with delicious aroma. I felt no sticky residue behind over my lips upon application. Though I would have loved it more if packed in a stick format to be more hygienic, but its a great product to give my lips a protective shield.
If you want to get your pouts shining along with a promise of moisturization, Aroma Essentials has lustrous Lip Gloss for you. The lip gloss comes in a tiny glass bottle with golden screw cap. The liked the roll-on format of lip gloss packaging. Its so convenient to apply on lips wherever you are and can be slipped in your pocket easily. What makes me like this lip gloss more is the yummy chocolate essence and cocoa powder used in recipe with wheatgerm oil. For that glass-like shine, safe shimmer has been infused while crafting this amazing product. Other than meeting the main purpose of lip gloss, you may at times use the lip gloss on a matte lipstick to give it a glossy transformation.
I'm excited to continue both the products throughout this dry weather to keep my lips cared better and smile with a shimmer ;)
For queries regarding price and availability, please follow the link Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272 to order.

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  1. lip gloss bottle isn't that good

  2. The lip gloss looks glossy.. looks nice.

  3. Earlier I remember there were such lip glosses available in market with roll on tips. They were offcourse not natural. This one is natural and good for skin. Great review!

    1. Yes, being natural is the bigger asset here :)


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