Wednesday 9 March 2016

Premium Herbal Soaps from Sheer Skinz

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Come and drool over some really delectable natural soaps today through my post. I've been writing for superior skin/hair care products from house of Sheer Skinz earlier. When I used their handcrafted soap bars for a month or so, my skin knew the difference.

Product Claims:
Sheer Skinz Luxurious Soaps contain selected herbs known for their nourishing and cleansing properties without stripping natural moisture. It provides cool refreshing effect while cleansing & nourishes the skin naturally & gives long lasting Fragrance & Freshness after bath.

I received three variants of natural herbal soaps from the brand in Bengal Tuberose, Aloe vera & Neem and Neroli Lime. 

The soap have uncomplicated packaging in double layer of transparent plastic sheet. The labels of soap packs highlight all required details. Each of the soap bar priced at Rs. 75 is much affordable than many other brands. when it weigh 125 gm each.

The size and square shape of the soap bars give it good grip in my hand. I liked the translucent color appeal of the soaps. The soaps lather well and gently pulls dirt and grime off the skin which is the main goal of a soap.

All the variant that I used have skin benefits too. Like Neem and Lime ones can help you get rid of skin infections and kills bacteria. I don't feel like using a deodorant after using any of these soaps as they effectively battle bad odor. The sweet smelling Tuberose soap has anti-inflammatory properties and improves health of your skin with regular use.

I also fell in love with ultra gorgeous scents of the soaps. Not only the lingering scent leaves your body feeling fresh after bath, but keeps the washroom lightly scented. Bengal Tuberose variant uplifts your mood with its floral fragrance, while Neroli Lime and Aloe Vera & Neem have somewhat mix of sweet/citrus aroma. The soaps don't smell overpowering or bothersome.  
None of the soaps cause skin irritation in the first place or strips the skin of vital oils. All the soaps claim to be 100% natural and infused with the purest plant, fruit and nut extracts along with natural water and pure essential oils, so they clean without drying skin. 
In totality, Sheer Skinz soaps are worth giving it a try. If you are looking for some more fragrances of your liking, check it out here.

**PR Sample


  1. Nice review , I have also tried these soaps they are really good and affordable :-)

  2. I thought luxurious ayurveda is tag line used by forest essentials! Lovely review :)

  3. These soaps sound nice. You do try a lot of amazing soap brands.

    1. Ya, actually I do use only herbal soaps. And since they are everyday bathing essentials, I like trying more n more every time i get to know abt new brands.


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