Friday 25 March 2016

Whats your lipcolor - Nelf Trendy Diva Lipstick Swatches

I had swatched and reviewed Nelf Cosmetics Trendy Diva lipcolor in Royal Pink shade last month that got mixed views. On some requests by my readers to review more shades from the same range, today I've come up with a review of two beautiful shades Trendy Diva Alive and Maroon.
                                                       Trendy Diva Alive Lipstick (TD 40)
The shade TD40 called as Alive is a perfect nude lipstick shade that is not too dark, nor too light. The soft, dusty pink shade is apt to play up the warmth of my skin tone. I liked the non-glossy formula that ensure that my lips don't disappear when I apply a light shade of nude lipcolor.
The Nelf Alive lipcolor in slight pinkness adds needed separation between my lips and my skin. The lipcolor will be a hit among young girls who don't like to show up bold colors.
I think all skin tones can carry this shade very well as everyday office wear or college wear for the fresh-faced glow, specially medium-fair skin. In short, Nelf TD40 in Alive shade is a perfect neutral lip shade to flatter your skin tone and light up your face without draining it of life.

Trendy Diva Maroon Lipstick (TD 20)
The another shade that I have got for myself is TD20 called as Maroon. This one is on the specific recommendation of my mom who insisted that I should go for deep maroon since I haven't worn this shade since many years now. 
Upon applying this lipcolor, I truly felt like thanking her for the advice (mom knows the best, u see) coz it looked so appealing. I can see myself wearing it with Indian ethnic outfits in my cousin's wedding the next month.

It gives beautiful coverage in single swipe on my lips. If dark, warm shades are your pick like me, don't hesitate to try double coats. I'm even open to try one shade darker than this maroon shade.
The lipcolor stays for good 4+ hours and doesn't dry out lips. I'm loving its semi-matte finish on my lips. You may layer it up with a lipgloss to flaut fuller lips (which is not my pick though).
The TD lipsticks come in a black packaging with see-through partition on its cap that will let you check the actual lipstick and help you decide whether to buy or not.
The shade number and shade name can be checked at the bottom of the packaging.
The lipsticks have long shelf life of 36 months that can be seen on outer cover.
The lipsticks are not complete transfer-resistant, but I prefer blotting them gently to enhance its staying power and avoid staining. All the Trendy Diva lipsticks from Nelf with added vitamin E nourish your lips with an advantage of being lead free as well. There are number of shades available at pocket friendly price of Rs 120 each (can be ordered here).
I'm fallen for both these lipcolor shades. Tell me whats your preferred one :)


  1. So these are those pretties! You look like a heroine in Bollywood! I love your hair by the way. Can you please come up with your hair routine?

    1. OMG (h) you made my day Nivedita. So many compliments in one go. Thanks a ton dear. I would surely do a post about my hair care routine (though its quite simple) .. keep reading !!

  2. I love that pink shade :)

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post :)

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Akanksha :) I loved the dress u wore in ur farewell :)

  4. TD 20 is my color TD 40 will look funny on my skin. Nice review!

  5. The shades are so gorgeous.


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