Wednesday 30 March 2016

Aroma Essentials Range of Natural Face Washes Review

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I got a surprise gift pack on Women's Day from Aroma Essentials that contained number of handmade goodies. I honestly cannot say what I liked the most out of all the stuff. But almost all the products were of my great utility. One reason for it is that the lady behind the venture keeps your requirements in mind and then decides what can help you the best way.
Today I am writing about the range of facewashes I received. Out of many variants that Aroma Essentials offers, I got the ones in Lemongrass, Rose and Orange. 
Each of the facewashes came packed in little plastic bottle that are transparent. The bottles have white screw cap with a tiny hole in it to squeeze the facewash out. Also there is a tight inner lid to keep the product safe in the bottle and make the packaging travel friendly.
The pricing for each variant is kept below Rs 100 that can be seen on the label over the cap. The shelf life is 6 months from the date of making.
The facewashes made their first good impression on me when I opened the bottle. The facewashes are actually gel based (or better I should say, this is gel itself) which I really like. The consistency of the facewashes is quite thick like I expected being it a gel, so you need to actually remove the inner lid to take the product out, else its a task to squeeze it.

The Orange facewash is very lively orange in color with orange juice, edible citrus gel in it. It smells very refreshing.
The Lemongrass facewash is infused with lemongrass extract, lemon n lavender essential oils and aloevera gel. I loved its pretty shade of green. I somewhat liked it fragrance lesser than other two.
The Rose facewash, surprisingly doesn't owe natural pinkish red color from the real flower, but is in light brown shade. It is loaded with rose decoction, rose essential oil, ionised gel and also some petals of rose flower in the bottle. Its scent is stronger than other two variants, but is quite pleasing. 
Rubbing any of the facewash on your damp skin hardly fetches any foam and feels very light on face which again is a big plus for me as it gets overdrying for my skin. Despite the non-foamy trait, the skin gets instantly cleansed of excess oil, dirt etc as you rinse it off and feels rejuvenates. It doesn't leave any strong scent after few minutes. So will be a great pick for people who prefer light or no fragrances. I feel these facewashes will be loved by normal, combination & oily skin beauties, but if your skin is in drier side like mine, all you need to do is pop on some moisturise afterwards and your skincare routine will be complete to achieve hydrated skin :)
I cleverly used this non-foamy formula as makeup remover by taking little quantity over a cotton pad and swipe over the face followed by some splshes of water over the face & I managed to wipe away everything expected really quickly and effectively.
To sum up, Aroma Essentials facewashes are really gentle daily essentials with natural ingredients for which your skin will thank you.

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  1. I'm going gaga over the fragrances. The lemon grass face wash sounds perfect.

  2. I am so interested in the little treasures Aroma essentials provide! Lovely product and review!


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