Saturday 23 July 2016

Weave Stories With Your Child's Imagination & Colgate Magical Sea World Packs

Children are extremely imaginative. For my son, he has this inclination towards spotting shapes in clouds and then so fondly telling me to follow his finger, pointing towards sky so that I may also perceive the idea in his mind. It may be a boring practice for many, but I've always encouraged my son; because to me, it's a real time instance of pattern recognition which ultimately is essential for every human. As a parent, I support this imaginative play in my child for his cognitive development
Nowadays, the over-occupied schedule and strenuous lifestyle barely leave parents with any leisurely time to spend constructively with children, like it used to be a few decades ago in my childhood days. Among many other parent- child interaction activities, I genuinely miss the age-old tradition of storytelling the most that our parents used to follow since time immemorial. 

Recently on a grocery shopping spree, my son spotted the Colgate Dental Cream Pack on the display and reminded me of the TV commercial that shows children spinning incredible tales and stories in their fantasy using the characters hidden inside Magical Sea World packs. Unlike my usual response to turn down his unacceptable demands, he found me closely reading the description on the pack and so feeling hopeful sent a loving flying kiss in air for me ;) I knew it was the time to unwind my childhood memories now with my son and #ColgateMagicalStories. So I bought not one or two, but all four variants of Magical Sea World packs of Colgate to have as many water creatures in them and bring alive the lost art of storytelling in my kid.

Aww! the little story-teller somehow managed to control his excitement on the way back home and enthusiastically helped me unload the shopping stuff so that we may sit together as early as possible for the adventure and fun. While I cooked our last meal for the day, my boy showed his motor skills to quickly cut the packs and free those hidden characters underneath. And see who all came out...

Post dinner and brushing his teeth with Colgate Dental Cream, his spontaneous statement to me was "mumma, now onwards I'll brush my teeth twice a day without a miss and won't trouble you to remind me every night..." ;) It was a blessing in disguise that my boy actually thought of being responsible..
And finally the time arrived to indulge the type of imaginative play that we both were looking forward to broaden our horizons through a story. 

So here goes now the story in my son Shamit's words: 

Sadie is the daughter of Mr. Blackbeard who does business in great waters and is away from home most of the times. He usually visits home twice an year and stays with his family for a month during every visit. 
This time when Mr. Blackbeard came home, Sadie found a treasure hunt map in his bag and excitedly asked her dad whether they can go for an adventurous under-water treasure hunt since she had her school vacations too. 
Mr. Blackbeard didn't believe in such imaginary stories, but decided to give his daughter a memory to cherish forever. So they packed their stuff and started their journey. 
The world under the water was beautiful beyond words and Sadie was enjoying watching different creatures so closely. Her dad kept on telling her interesting facts about every creature like crabs, star fish, sword fish, sea turtle, sea horse and her favourite friendly dolphins. 
Sadie was living her dreams and was wishing to see a lovely mermaid sitting on a rock like her storybooks. Though she could not see a mermaid, but following the route map, they reached an underwater castle. 
Sadie couldn't believe her eyes seeing an octopus protecting a golden box full of expensive items and gold coins. After some struggle defeating the octopus, Mr. Blackbeard could take the treasure in his possession. The duo felt they had won over the world and started their return journey richer and happier :) On their way back, Sadie exclaimed "dad, we will donate half of this money to the orphanage in out town, so that the kids over there can enjoy better facilities of life." Dad nodded and hugged his daughter tightly.

Now imagine, if a child can come up with such a meaningful message with his creative thinking, how easily we parents can inculcate qualities like wisdom, courage, honesty in them from an early age. I have decided to spare 10-15 minutes every night now onwards, so that I may celebrate childhood of my junior in a constructive manner through #ColgateMagicalStories.

When was the last time your child told you a story? Do give them wings of imagination and let them unlock their creativity..

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