Thursday 28 July 2016

Nelf Cosmetics Makeup Remover Review

Hello Girls

Tell me honestly, how concerned you are for your facial beauty.. do you care enough to remove all the makeup you wore whole day using a makeup remover or just splash some water on your face thinking that the job is done?

I did this blunder for years and rectifying it now by using a soothing makeup remover with 95% natural ingredients. Wanna know the details which product is that? Go ahead...

Product Info: 
Wipe away makeup in a flash with the Nelf Makeup Remover. Removing makeup becomes a piece of cake with this powerful makeup remover. This soap free makeup remover easily breaks down stubborn makeup, enriched with natural extracts of aloe vera & green tea to give you cleansing, purifying & soothing effects.
Application :
Shake well before use. Soak a cotton pad with the remover and apply all over your face and neck.

Many a times, we overlook the presence of a makeup remover in our beauty regime. But removal of makeup is equally important and unavoidable step as it is to wear makeup. The Nelf makeup remover is a soap free liquid in watery thin consistency. The minty green color product is infused with Green Tea and Aloe Vera.
It comes in a transparent plastic bottle that lets you take the product out using the pump dispenser mechanism. There is another protective cap to cover the pump nozzle.
The most suitable time to use the makeup remover is before bed time so that the skin may breathe all the night and feel fresh next morning, but I don't mind using it at any time when I reach home after work and can't tolerate the pollutants sitting on my face for the whole day.

I pour little quantity of the makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently swipe it on my face. It does removes long wearing makeup including lipcolor and kajal without rubbing repeatedly. To clean the waterproof mascara & eyeliner, I needed to swipe two to three times, probably because I had been cleaning in more tender strokes on delicate eyelashes of my super-sensitive eyes. The makeup remover liquid is not irritant on skin, rather soothes the skin for its calming ingredients like aloe vera and green tea.

When I pump some product out of the bottle, it comes with foam which feels slightly soapy to me after the removal of makeup. So I clean my face with a soft wet towel to ensure properly cleansed skin.

Since the use of makeup remover brings you the skin that is free of all impurities, there is less chance of developing pimples, skin allergies or blemish.

Nelf's makeup remover is suitable for all skin types. As I'm using it on my dry skin, it hasn't worsen the condition of my skin by disturbing natural moisture level of skin. Not to forget, that the product has light fragrance that leaves you feel refreshingly smelling afterwards. 

You may buy 100 ml. pack at Rs 400
In all, Nelf Makeup Remover is a product tough on any makeup, but gentle to skin. You need not battle cleaning any residual off your skin to eliminate heaviest makeup. 

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