Tuesday 19 July 2016

Germfree Toilet Trips Are A Reality Now - Courtesy PeeSafe

Toilet Trips are one of those most frequent trips that we do not take for pleasure and enjoyment, but under obligation to relive ourselves ;) {just kidding}

I believe most of us ensure keeping our bathrooms and toilet seats sparkling clean, but the probability of contracting infections from the germs on toilet seat cannot be disregarded.

I honestly feel that the risks posed by dirty toilet seats are not only caused at public toilets, but the apparently clean looking bathrooms of our homes also bear tiny disease-causing bugs that become the obvious reason of our illness many a times. But not any more, when PeeSafe is there to offer you a safe and germ-free toilet experience.

The name PeeSafe is not new to me as I had received a pack of PeeSafe Wet Wipes in my Princess Coffer Box last month and its now my true companion. And now I'm in a position to express my opinion about the product.
Though I have used wipes from different brands also, but the impressive thing about PeeSafe Wipes is that these are multipurpose wet wipes that can be utilized not only to clean your intimate area down there, but can also serve you to wipe your dirty hands, remove dirt from furniture, cutlery or any other dust-laden surface. These can also be used to mop a cut, a scratch or injured skin on any part of body in case of minor wound to avoid germs spread the disease.

The story doesn't conclude here..the latter part focuses on yet another product from the brand that takes intimate hygiene one step ahead. The product is PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray. 
The idea of this product is to kill the deadly germs sitting concealed on toilet seats, flush knobs, door knobs, taps or at any place where harmful bacteria are expected. One can spritz the PeeSafe spray on the toilet seat from a distance of 25cms and can use the toilet after 5 seconds. The brand claims to kill 99.9% germs which is worth appreciating.
I had my apprehensions of experiencing peculiar smell in the spray, But interestingly, both the PeeSafe Wipes as well as the Spray have pleasant fragrance that deodorize the area and excellently blankets the bad odors.

The wipes and spray bottle are quite handy and light weight, so are easy to carry in your office handbag or travel kit to ensure healthy sanitization condition everywhere you go.

Quick look at Ingredient List:

Buying Guide:
PeeSafe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray : Rs. 150 for 75ml
 PeeSafe Multiuse Wipes : Rs 60 for a pack of 10 wipes.
I can swear by efficacy of such wonderful products and HIGHLY RECOMMEND for everyone to use these, because your health deserves the best of care.
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  1. Thanks for this review. Hope your readers benefit from this.

  2. Both are must have products while travelling :) Thanks for this lovely review..


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