Friday 22 July 2016

Nelf Super Lasting 9to6 Lipsticks (Shade 26 & 27) Review

If I put forward my confession about makeup application, I find it so tricky to work precisely with most products and keep on perfecting myself every time. But the one thing that I may wear with ultimate confidence is the lip makeup. Be it lip liner, lip stain or lipstick; I know I'm good to go :) And then comes another tough part i.e. to find that irresistible lipstick shade that's worth showing off for gorgeous pouts :)

Few weeks ago, I received two great lipsticks in my Nelf makeup kit from their All Day Long 9to6 collection. And you might be guessing it correct that I couldn't wait one single day to start wearing those. Co-incidentally, I had to attend few family functions during past weeks and it was the best time to evaluate how these lipsticks behave..
So here is my experience:

Product claims:A lipstick isn't just a lipstick anymore. Nelf brings you a range of 36 high performance shades that sit on your lips all day long. Enriched with Vitamin E that conditions your lips and softens them. Add some elegance and achieve smooth lips.

Price: Rs 250 each 
Shades that I received:
Romantic Girl 26
I Can Change 27
The lipsticks come in black cardboard packaging that holds the lipstick inside. The lipsticks itself are also in single colored packaging i.e. all over black with brand name printed on it in silver font color. When I tried to open the lipstick for the first time, I could not find the opening joint of the stick even after looking at it quite carefully. Then I noticed "Open Here" mark on the top of glass cap (shown in the image below).
You have to press this glass area from the center and a sleek silver stick comes out from other end :) I have no other lipsticks in my collection with such mechanism ;)
The ingredients list is missing on the lipstick as well as the brand website which I suggest the brand to update.
The lipsticks are super pigmented. As creamy as butter in texture, these are so amazing to give true color in single swipe. Looking at the swatches below, you might find the lipsticks shimmery, but it doesn't glitter prominently on the lips.
There is a faint, sweet fragrance in the lipsticks that is not bothersome and you can only smell it if brought closer to nose to sniff.

As mentioned above, I used these lipsticks while attending some functions and truly loved their rich finish on my lips. For 6-7 hours, the lipstick color stayed evenly on lips with bare minimum fading surviving my snacks, drinks n dinner in between. This is the most effective wear time, I would say. The lipsticks are not powdery or matte, so can be worn without worries of drying of lips.

These non-drying, color-rich, long wear lipsticks are available in numerous eye catching colors from pale pink to ravishing red and everything in between.

The pocket-friendly price of Rs 250 is surely a winning entry and is up to compete with products in the genre :)
Do give it a shot when buying yourself a new lipcolor next time!!

*PR Sample.


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