Tuesday 26 July 2016

Adorn Classy Titan Watches & Raise Your Style Quotient

The other day, in a hurry to reach office in time, I forgot to wear my wrist watch. While driving towards my destination, as I looked down to my wrist to quickly calculate how many minutes I have to safely scan my finger on the biometric device at the outer gate of my office; only then I realized that I was missing my indispensable accessory at home :/

You might be wondering if wearing a watch still makes sense, when most of our smart devices give access to digital or analog clocks!! Well, despite all the sensible argument that we can make, I have never discontinued my years old habit of flaunting a watch every single day.

Infact whoever loves to wear watches like me, has his/her own reasons of showing what's on their wrist. If you’re unsure about your watch choices, look around to see what watches are in trend and then ultimately step towards a reliable brand to pick the accessory aptly complimenting your style. 
When I say 'brand', I don't mean that you should go into debt to own an expensive high-end watch beyond your budget, but wisely narrow your choices for a durable and incredibly trustworthy name. To tell you about myself, I have a sharp inclination towards Titan watches and I truly find every piece they make as an asset to treasure.

There are watches crafted thoughtfully to finish off a gentleman's suit and tie look or to luxuriate a fashionista's sassy party look. One may go for currently popular 'Busy Dial' watch or stay loyal to a timeless design of timepiece. Apart from men watches, gorgeous feminine designs in different metalic color tones are something to add to your collection. 
If you feel that watches are only office-wear accessories to spell your professional dressing, think again... You would love to have sporty watches that favour your casual dressing while going for an outing friends or while spending quality time with family on a leisurely holiday.
Hey! feeling like indulging in a hassle-free purchase for a classy wrist watch now?? Wait no more for the weekend to come and let you explore the local shopping malls. You can find a wonderful variety of sophisticated, upmarket and elegant watches through online shopping portals sipping cold coffee comfortably on your couch. Yeah, though the most challenging job is not to browse through an appealing array of designs of watches, but is to resist your urge to order multiple timepieces ;) lolz. A friendly advice is to give a loving glance to all of them and finally make the most graceful one your mate ;) 


  1. Classy and Trendy. Pictures look good. Original watches would be better:)

  2. A great time piece can jazz up any outfit. Everyone should invest in a good classic watch.

  3. These are gorgeous. Although, I haven't worn a watch in years. I like the Titan watches as well.

  4. Such lovely watches, chic and versatile looking.

    Ellie | www.scotchandstilettos.com

  5. These timepieces are gorgeous. I love the skinny gold one. So stylish!

  6. Love the design of Titan watches. They look so classy and stylish. My mom gifted my first watch from Titan Raga collection when I passed my high school!

  7. These are some beautiful looking watches. I'll take anyone in gold! 😊

  8. I love Titan watches.The only kind I bought .Great selection and affordable too.

  9. I use to be a big fan of titan watches and these are some really great picks. Thanks for sharing


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