Wednesday 6 July 2016

Lipidz Cream With Skin Essentials - Product Review

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There is a great product that I've been trying since last few weeks to restore my skin barrier. If you are unaware what the skin barrier does and how can it be repaired, do read the post..

Ethicare Remedies has devised Lipidz cream that helps to address skin imperefections arising due to drying out of skin moisture.
Product Details:
Damaged barrier function due to deficiency of skin lipids is the main cause for many skin imperfections and skin problems, including dry skin. Lipidz contains both physiological and non physiological lipids. So, Lipidz plays an important role to re-establish skin’s barrier function (skin’s defense system) through replenishing skin’s protective Lipids in adequate quality. It has non-greasy and non-comedogenic formula. It is ideal for all skin type including sensitive skin.
Price: Rs. 199
Qty: 50 g
Shelf Life: 2 yrs
Ingredients: (shown in image below)
Lipidz cream is packed in white tube with bright fluorescent orange screw cap. The same color theme goes for outer carton too. Both the carton and tube have got every essential information printed. The tube is light-weight, tightly closed, spill-proof and so is ideal to keep in your travel kit or office bag as a reliable companion.
Why are Lipids important for skin?
Before I share my views on the product, I want to mention why the product is called 'Lipidz'.
Lipids are essential components of skin that describe the strength of the skin barrier (topmost layer of skin) and how well it protects skin from the external environment. So a thin, weak or damaged skin barrier will get easily affected by potential problems and won't be able to protect the skin. 

Product Efficacy:
The Lipidz cream is prepared with an objective to strengthen the skin barrier. Satin textured, white colored cream is easy to spread on skin. The skin almost immediately drinks up the product and hydrates the outer layer.
The cream has strong perfume that overpowers my smelling sense when the cream is applied on body parts closer to nose like neck. I wish if the brand can dilute it a bit to make it more easily wearable.
After using the cream on regular basis for almost 3 weeks, I notice an improvement that my skin doesn't look so dry, dull and scaly. Though its a short period to acclaim the worth of the product, I feel my skin is retaining water effectively thereby maintaining good hydration balance.
Lipidz has right ingredients to boost and repair lipid barrier function and make the skin more tolerable towards disruptive factors. The brand claims it suitable for every skin type including sensitive skin, so the product is broadly acceptable.
In my views, One of the easiest ways to protect your skin’s barrier is by wearing Lipidz everyday so that it can limit damage to surface of skin effectively.

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