Sunday 17 April 2016

New Launch - Nelf Cosmetics Concealer Review

Hello Everyone

Taking time for my busy schedule today to share my views on one more Nelf Cosmetics new launch i.e. a concealer.

Product Description: 
With Nelf's concealer sticks, no need for Photoshop to have a Supermodel skin. Use it to conceal dark under-eye circels and freckles, or use it to hide blemishes & red blotches. It will even your skin tone & cover imperfections.Easy to apply, in any occasion, just pop it out of your bag and apply as and when needed.
Ingredients: (shown in the pic below)
Slightly turn the bottom part of the pack to reveal the concealer. Apply directly to desired areas and blend with fingertips. Can be worn alone or under make-up.

My Experience:
The Nelf Concealer comes in twist-up stick format. It has overall black packaging including the cap, so you need to remove the cap to have a look at the actual shade.
It has a black outer carton as well to refer to all the info regarding ingredients, price, quantity etc.
The stick shaped concealers are my personal favourite as they are more convenient to apply for spot correction than a liquid concealer. Its also not messy and easy to carry around. The concealer bullet shape is rounded which could have been better to touch up narrow area of the face like corners of eyes.
The brand has launched the concealer in three shades right now. These are numbered as just 1, 2 and 3. I wish they should be given some shade names as well that can refer to skin tone they are meant for. Also I expect more number of shades to come up in future to find the closest match to everyone's skin tone.
Coming to the product performance now, I received the concealer in Shade 02. My prime purpose to use a concealer is to hide my dark circles mostly. Looking at the product, it seemed lighter than my natural skin tone which I was skeptical to use initially.
Upon application, I found the product quite creamy in texture. I used my fingers to blend it onto skin by gently tapping my finger (not smearing or massaging it) and it set pretty quickly with a matte finish without any unwanted shine. It gives medium to high coverage depending on the coverage you need for your concerns.  Its quite important to set the concealer with finely milled pressed powder to increase its effective duration. The concealer stays for really good 5+ hours with minor creasing that needs to be corrected. I realized after few uses that using one shade lighter than my skin tone actually helped me compensate the darkness around my eyes.
The concealer claims to have foundation effect in it, but you can't rely on it alone for creating that refined look.
I'm yet to use the popular beauty blender tools and test how naturally it blends with sponge etc because its in transit right now.. Hoping for some new experiment soon ;)
The product is priced at Rs 225 (4.2 gm)
*PR Sample


  1. The concealer sounds nice. I really like the price point.

  2. Seems like a nice product. Especially the price :D

  3. Nice review.Seems like an affordable concealer.


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