Wednesday 13 April 2016

My Dining Essentials Purchase From Limeroad

It might not be anything new for you to find me post about my shopping experience here. I usually shop for apparels, footwear, accessories, makeup etc from my favourite online shopping portals & love sharing my experience with my readers. 

I was looking for some Microwave Safe utensils for replacing stainless steel ones in my kitchen. The reason why I wanted to purchase those was to make it convenient for my hubby and my son warm the food in my absence. Though I have a good collection of Microwave Safe Serveware, but these lazy guys in my house consider it a job to first warm the food in those serving bowls and shift it to their platters. Also, for a homemaker like me, a thoughtfully sorted kitchen is one of the topmost priority so I thought of ordering a set of matching platters complimenting the serving bowls that I own.

Now, another important consideration while making an online purchase was to go for a branded dinner set that guarantees no compromise in its quality. Cello has been a trustworthy name in kitchenware since many years and I believe its Food Grade quality is safe to bear the high temperature while cooking or serving the hot food. 

I found an 18 pc dinnerset from Celloware in pearl white color on within my budget. The dinner set consisted of 6 full plates, 6 half plates & 6 veg bowls. So without wasting any more time, I placed an order.. I kept on receiving mails and messages regarding the latest status of my order and finally my parcel arrived packed in bright green cover with Limeroad logo. 
The cardboard box was bubblewrapped to avoid any breakage in transit.
Though the box looked bit old, but I was more concerned about the condition of product inside. All the pieces in the dinner set were also separately wrapped in clear plastic sheet. 

Talking about the product, I'm really happy to find the dinner plates reasonably large to serve usual portion size in a meal and it also fits my kitchen cabinet perfectly.  It color-coordinates with my present utensils too. It is made of break resistant material, so will be quite durable. The glossy yet elegant finish is sure to catch diners' eyes.Yet another likable feature of this dinner set is its versatility. This non-ornamental, plain dinner set is actually appropriate to meet the dining needs of every day use or for special occasions. 
My pleasant shopping experience with Limeroad has given me a reason to explore their latest offers. You guys can also find something attractive under their Summer Sale and B1G1 offers. So don't wait and check out ;)


  1. Wow the set looks good. Even I want to buy some microwave utensils.

    1. Its quality is really good .. you may definitely order this one.

  2. Receiving unbroken piece of dine set is blessing.


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