Sunday 24 April 2016

How Scented Candles Spread 'Shades of Joy' In My Home...

The decorative ideas for my home is the only thing on my mind these days.. Reason being, I'll be shifting to my new house very soon. So I've been really watchful for cute, quirky, funky and elegant decor pieces that can brighten up my space.
Besides those retro vases, beautiful wall decals, door hangings, bells n chimes and classic paintings that I've been amassing for years; I have a fancy for a special accessory that spices up any home d├ęcor so elegantly i.e. Candles.
Well! I feel there is a charm and magic in candles that we may capture by placing them at different corner of our home. Different kinds of candles can play significant role in creating the perfect ambiance. Out of wide range of candles available for accessorizing a house, the scented candles are my personal favourite. I received some scented candles from Shades of Joy in different colors and shapes.
It made me feel so special that the talented lady Ms. Karishma handcrafted all these candles exclusively for me keeping the Floral theme in mind and I'm so much excited to show you what she created with much love and interest :)
This set of four floral candles replicating sunflower design amazingly tickle the senses with their mild aroma and compliment interior of an aesthetically decorated personal space. I may place these short-heighted candles either on my bedside table, countertops or on wall mountable candle holders.
The long, pillar candles are always my most loved ones. Earlier I've used plain pillar candles in bright n dull hues depending on how I want to compliment my room. When lit, the candles infuse the room with therapeutic scents and never fail to cheer my spirits. But I swear, the carving done on this candle is so eye-pleasing that I can't gather the courage to illuminate my room by burning it up ;)
A few pieces of these candles here n there is an effortless way to bring along the feeling of an occasion even on ordinary moments and add dramatic flair to life.

I love the sculptural finish of this simplest flower candle that is ready to bring instant style and serenity to my home. The gorgeous nature-friendly shade of green is giving it an exotic appeal with sheer sophistication. It will surely be a royal addition to my decor pieces and will attract the eyeballs with a promise to enchant mood lighting.
This little, chic, curvy bodied candle looked so cute for its rolled gathering. I wish to locate these into small clusters of different color combination at varied angles in my living room to depict & enhance the softening, flickering effect of the candlelight.
Now, enough of the floral theme display... so here is one guilt-free indulgence for every sweet-tooth.. a cupcake candle ;) You may make a guess who in the family might have liked it the most..yup, my little boy. He has booked this tempting candle to be used as a part of his bday decor. No wonder! coz  it smell delicious and looks good enough to eat.
These incredibly pretty candles are no less than a masterpiece and stamp someone's creative sense. They can define your personal style, set your mood and can surely perk up your cozy home with a touch of elegance.
Feeling interested to get them crafted for your place? Do connect with Ms. Karishma at +91 9833198943 or by order by sending a DM at her Instagram handle.
I would love to know your tips on decoration with candles.. Please share some and spread joy :)


  1. Wow..The candles are amazing.They are so pretty and cute :)

  2. I love using scented candles. They really brighten our mood and room instantly.

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