Saturday 30 April 2016

Herbal India Face Pack Powder Review

Come summer and my facial skin starts to itch. I usually relate it to seasonal allergic causes. But whatever is the reason, I need to soothe my skin by applying packs, masks, moisturizers or something that gives cooling effect as and when possible. No wonder, I avoid using any harsh cleansers and make a shift to herbal products that don't have side effects. I have tried and tested many products that may give relief to my dry, itchy skin this point of season specially. Today I'll review a face pack from Herbal India Products.

The face pack powder is packed in large silver pouch made of a thick polybag like material. I expected it to be a pouch with zip lock, but it has normal seal on it which when cut for the first time leave the pouch opened forever :/ I mean, there is no provision to leave the remaining product just in this pouch and you need to find yourself a container to transfer n store the product. So the packaging part holds a 'con' from me.
I met with a strong herbal smell right after opening the seal of pouch. After getting much used-to with these scents in all these years while testing the products, it was really unusual for me to get an irritated nose. Those who like herbal fragrances may find it good.

The face pack itself is a finely milled dry powder in yellow color with brown tint to it. The product owes its color from its composition of choicest natural ingredients like haldi powder, almond seed, red chandan, narangi peel etc. Refer the pic below for detailed list of ingredients. The facepack is priced at INR 1500 for 250 gm.
The face pack can be used for all skin types. Those with oily skin type can mix the powder with plain water or rose water and the ones with dry skin can mix it with milk. I opted for milk and it took just a spoonful (tbsp) of powder to spread on entire face and neck.
It took less than expected time to dry on my skin and started getting hardened within ten minutes. Its good to rinse it off with light strokes of rubbing on skin as it starts stretching over the skin. Despite my dislike for its packaging and smell, I loved the outcome. The clear skin and instant glow really don't go unnoticed after you wash you face. The glow doesn't remain permanently but if one makes this face pack a part of cleansing routine, the even toned skin is not an unbelievable dream. The beauties with dry skin would definitely need to top up the skin with a good dose of moisturizer afterwards, and oily skinned people may enjoy the brightened skin as it is.

I'd like to continue the use of this face pack because I evaluate the performance of the product more than few of its attributes that matter lesser.

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  1. I love using face packs and one that brightens skin goes on top of my list. This one sounds really good.


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