Tuesday 26 April 2016

Indulge in Being Dressy: How to Not Wear A Dress Like A Dress!

Were you under the impression that your gorgeous flared dresses were self-sufficient and consummate as your favorite fashion staple? We’d urge you to think a little out of the box, because the styles that we’ve come up with will change your perceptions revolving around the quaint, little dress. Grommets, laces, flares and many other captivating features have made the humble dress an inseparable part of our summer wardrobe. Give your conventional dresses a great fashion spin, and wear the dress like never before! 
1. Caped in Town
A caped wonder-woman knows just how to work her dresses! A low slung shift dress crowned with a boxy, cape can make for an interesting sartorial affair. Your cape can feature a fashionable split at the 
back, so that you can show off your dress in a peek-a-boo moment. Step into confident, strappy sandals and look like a fashion Goddess from head to toe. 
2. Tales of Transparent
For a touch of the boudoir, let’s speak in intimate tones of transparent. That’s right! A sheer, transparent layer over your enticing slip dress might just be the best summer fix. Feel the charming 
material play on the softness of your skin and bring out the best in your dress. Carry a dainty little purse to nail the look of a charmer. 
3. Pleating around shorts
We are looking at a gorgeous dress creation that flows attractively into pleats and can be matched with a pair of smart shorts. The wonderful interplay the pleats and shorts sets off a great style for all your girls who’d like a sporty appeal to their dresses. 
4. A shirt won’t hurt!
When your sensuous strappy dress is married with a regular tee, the effect can pretty much bowl you 
over! A look that will assuredly leave onlookers drooling with either appreciation or envy; make a rock-chic statement by working a pair of awesome peep-toe heels with a slit, slip on dress. 
5. Turning into trousers
Give your bold, maxi dresses a sharp makeover. Try matching them with a pair of trippy trousers and 
give mileage to the hottest dress trend in the making. A plunging dress that slits open tantalizingly waist downwards would be an ideal pick. So knock yourself out and enjoy this powerful and dressy look. 
All images courtesy Pinterest 


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Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with Jabong.com as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.


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