Thursday 28 April 2016

Aroma Essentials Daily Ubtan Review

The word 'Ubtan' brings alive the memories of a marriage in my mind as I used to see the bride or the groom being beautified with traditional besan ubtan :) The purpose of applying a homemade ubtan is to resolve skin concerns like roughness, patches, darkness etc. In our busy lifestyle these days, these skin concerns have actually worsen and most of us want a remedy that treats the skin without any side effects.

Frankly, I have no time to make an ubtan at home even though I know their skin benefits. But if gifted a readymade one for me, I don't mind using it either ;) So as I received a Daily Ubtan pack from Aroma Essentials, I was elated to have some goodness of highly effective natural ingredients in my hands.
The brown colored daily ubtan looked coarsely and unevenly ground, but its actually not. It has soothing nutty fragrance of essential oils used in it which lingers on till its ON the skin. The ubtan needs to be mixed with water to make a thin paste.  It is made of Crushed Almonds, Masoor Daal, Forest Honey, Lavender Oil, Almond oil, Kesar. 
Upon adding the water in the ubtan, the coarse granules of ubtan get dissolved turning into a nearly-smooth paste. The ubtan can be used not only on body but also on face. The natural ubtan is good to replace any chemical scrub. I use it as a mild exfoliator by leaving the thin layer of ubtan on skin for almost 15-20 mins and then scrubbing it off. It sloughs off the dead skin and brings lively appearance to skin. Though almonds, enriched with Vit E, help to lighten the skin tone; but the ubtan offers no fairness claims which I appreciate. There is no change in my skin tone, But definitely, I notice clear & brightened skin after rinsing off the product.
Unlike many powdered scrubs and masks that I have used earlier, this scrubs doesn't leave my skin stretchy or drier. The forest honey has amazing nutritional and healing properties plus it moisten your skin generously. The almond oil and lavender oil are best known for their skin benefits. Both these are tender to skin and don't disturb the natural skin oil.
At certain occasions, the ubtan can be left on the skin as a skin mask just to attain skin softening and dislodging of the dirt piling up on our uncovered skin. Either of the application as a scrub or a mask, if repeated religiously, can take you closer to beautiful, radiant skin.
Not to forget, this scrub is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


  1. I love using ubtans. This one sounds nice and I like that it adds a nice glow.

  2. I love ubtans and prefer them over chemical you have mentioned it is suitable for sensitive skin as well so it is a bonus for me :)

  3. Impressive ingredients.Nice that it doesn't dry out the skin. I haven't tried any aroma essential products so far. Would love to try this one.


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